iQute True Wireless Earbuds Review

Truly wireless earbuds are actually what their name promises. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen the introduction and early development of this new classification of headphones. They take out all wires, neckbands, and different ties between the two buds in your ears, offering a degree of accommodation, lightweight solace, and adaptability that conventional Bluetooth earbuds and headphones can’t coordinate. There are no tangled string nightmares to deal with.

IQute True Wireless Earbuds

Splendid Sound

  • Excellent Audio
  • Noise Isolation
  • Sweatproof Design
  • Charging light is too bright

Bluetooth Version: 5.0 | Battery Capacity: 50mAh (L) + 50mAh (R) | Charging time: 1.5 hrs | Charging port: Micro-USB | Weight: 0.2oz per earbud

VERDICT: The stylish and elegant iQute True Wireless Earbuds have been designed comfortably for your ears to give you the best experience, costing you $29, which is affordable. Indeed, you can wear it around the streets. It will provide you with a high definition stereo sound. Come experience this mix of top tier class audio performance and trouble-free true wireless design, and discover how iQute earbuds could be your best buddy when it comes to listening to the music and voice calls.

They can’t get captured on an item of dress and be uncomfortably yanked out. You get the full range of movement, which neck buds and numerous mainstream wireless, yet not wire-free, headphones don’t give.

First glance!

In case you’re making a decision by sound quality alone, these items won’t completely measure as much as a few hundred-dollar audiophile headphones. But they sound plenty great in their own right. Many true wireless earbuds have just heaped on features like built-in storage, language interpretation, fitness tracking, etc. Some of those may be significant to you.

iQute is a next-generation true wireless stereo earbud designed to be your universal partner either as running earbuds, sports headphones or just simply listening. Without any delay, let’s get into its details.


iQute true wireless earbuds are simple and agreeable to wear because of its diminished acoustic opening size alongside delicate earbud tips. The Bluetooth earbuds are ergonomically intended to guarantee a smooth but secure fit onto any ear shape.

Size demonstration

It never falls out. It is quite comfortable that after putting on in your ears you won’t be knowing it. Its light-weight and has a sleek design. iQute is likewise intended to be IPX4 sweat-proof and in this manner can be your optimal partner as running headphones or sports headphones.

With one multi-function button and two side buttons, you can control the headset function very easily and calmly. You can play or stop music and even modify the volume. These earbuds can help you not only in making or ending the phone call but you can reject it too and can track forward. If you want to stop music or phone call, then press and hold the multi-functional button for over 3 seconds, until you see the LED indicator on both earbuds transform into red light, at that point release the fingers to turn off the earbuds. It even works with Siri. Such ease. Right?

Opening the charging case’s lid will turn on the earbuds automatically. Wait till the LED indicators turn red. And Voila! Enjoy the music.


Package includes Headphones (L + R), Charging case, 3 Ear Tips (S, M, L) and Micro USB Cable. Giving multiple sizes of ear tips is really convenient for individuals so that it never falls out whatever you are doing. You get 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy, your purchase is absolutely RISK-FREE.


Quick Pairing.

Pairing is very simple. Just follow these steps:

Press and hold the multi-functional button on both left and right earbuds until you see the LED indicator are blazing red and blue alternately, at that point release the fingers. After a short pause, you will watch the indicator LED on the right earbud transform into moderate glimmering blue light mode, while the marker LED on the left earbud keep on blazing blue and red alternatively, this implies the right earbud is matched to the left earbud, and the left earbud is attempting to pair up to the phone. After another short pause, if this pair of earbuds has been connected to the phone previously, the left earbud will rapidly re-connect with the phone and completes the pairing procedure. As of now, the pointer LED on both earbuds will be in a moderate blazing blue light state (every 10 seconds). If the earbuds have not been connected to the phone previously, following these steps below on the phone to finish the pairing procedure.

On the Smartphone, click on Bluetooth Setting. Scan for nearby device and tap on ‘Splendid Sound iQute’ and here you go, you will see it is connected. The LED indicator on both earbuds will be flashing blue light state every 10 seconds.

Keep that in mind the earbuds work under a certain range with the connected device. If it goes beyond the effective range, it will disconnect. Similarly, earbuds will power off automatically if not being used for 5 minutes. Thus saving the battery for you.

Audio Quality

φ12 mm graphene speaker

It is designed using an expert big-bore φ12 mm graphene speaker, these additional bass earbuds create a top-quality 3D stereo sound that a couple of different wireless headsets can. These earbuds will give you excellent high-frequency performance that you will ever hear. You can watch videos without any lag or any issues.

iQute has a noise isolation feature that blocks quite a lot of noise or sound as it snugly fits into your ear. This isn’t the end, it has a built-in mic which makes your communication pretty much good. When not in a call, and the music has been stopped for more than 10 seconds, the earbuds will enter the standby mode.


In light of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and designed with advanced mechanics-RF co-structure techniques, iQute solved typical and irritating sound drop impacts, for example, one of the earbuds gets disconnected, during playing stereo music. This apple wireless earbuds additionally bolster Siri on the iPhone. Indeed, it is offering a rock-solid wireless connection. The newer will be the Bluetooth version of your mobile, the better connectivity you will experience.

Another advantage of the crafted RF electronics design is that it allows iQute to connect to your smartphone in a faster and more robust fashion which results in the best in class listening experience. Isn’t it just great to know?


With a 1200 mAH battery in the charging case, you can charge and play the earbuds for almost a week without stressing over about charging the case. It gives you 72 H playtime with a charging case. Dual 50 mAh batteries with a charging case give you 40+ hours all-out music playing time. That’s long battery life. The charging case will charge your earbuds multiple times. When the ear-buds are fully charged inside the charging case, it will automatically be turned off.


Use any USB A to Micro USB cable to connect the charging case to a PC or a 5 V adapter with a USB attachment to charge the charging case.


It’s simple to use it. A single tap on the button will make you answer the calls. Similarly, double press the button will reject or end the call. In this device, left ear-buds is the master for controlling. You can even redial the last number by pressing the + button when its in standby mode.


Splendid Sound iQute is our next generation true wireless earbuds having Bluetooth 5.0 designed to be your companion for all-purpose. Either it is used as running headphones, for sports, iQute True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, apple air-pods or just for casual listening. This is an extraordinary option for any individual who wears glasses and can’t wear the huge beats earphones. Indeed, it is super user-friendly and will live up to your expectations.

Welcome to the universe of Splendid Sound, set yourself free from the dangling cords! I highly recommend this product for those who are looking for entry-level Bluetooth earbuds with a great balance of price and performance.

Price at the of review: $28

iQute True Wireless Earbuds


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