iPhones with Fortnite Installed Available on eBay with Price Tags Reaching $10,000

Some are reasonably priced.

Apple and Epic’s war over App Store restrictions has made iPhone users creative. If you haven’t downloaded Fortnite battle royale on your iPhone before its removal, you can’t play the game now.

But there’s a remedy. You can buy someone else’s phone with Fortnite installed. But you need to pay the high price of as high as $10,000.

One of the sellers stated that she wants to get rid of Fortnite from her son’s iPhone XR with 64 GB. The opening bid is $5,000. Currently, there are no bids. If you want to bid and you win, you have to pay the standard shipping of $3.95.

Other sellers have an opening bid of $10,000. Others, however, are putting their iPhones with Fortnite for sale at a reasonable price.

Fortnite is a free app game. It won’t cost you anything to download and play it. The only time you pay is when you purchase V-buck. It’s also a cross-platform that you can play on various operating systems. Thus, if you’re a Fortnite fanatic and you can no longer play the game on your iPhone, there are still ways to fix it without having to pay thousands of money for an iPhone with Fortnite installed.

It only shows that some users want to cash in on the app’s removal from the App Store. If you want to search for iPhone with Fortnite on eBay, you get hundreds of listings.

These eBay listings are predictable and they show how two companies fighting over money can impact their customers.

Fortnite is one of the most popular and most downloaded games in the world. It’s a simple game but it’s addicting. It has managed to attract over 250 million users.

Gamers like to dress up their avatars with goofy costumes. They acquire virtual goodies by purchasing in-game money known as V-bucks.

Before, every time someone purchases V-buck on iPhone or iPad, Apple gets 30% from the sale price. It’s a standard commission.

However, Epic was discontented. It integrated a direct payment feature on its app to circumvent Apple’s commission and encouraged users to use this feature to get 20% off. If users want to use the App Store to purchase, they have to pay more.

As a result, Apple kicked Epic’s Fortnite out of its App Store for violating its policies. Epic started a protest by filing a lawsuit against Apple.

Epic said that the 30% commission that Apple takes on any in-app purchases is proof that the tech giant participates in anti-competitive practices.

Apple said that it will allow the Fortnite app to return to its App Store if Epic agrees to follow the rules and policies. It seems that Epic is not giving. Fortnite continues to provide a direct payment feature for its in-game currency.

Epic hopes to find a coalition of Apple critics to fight with them against App Store policies. Meanwhile, you can continue to play Fortnite on any iOS device with the game installed.

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iPhones with Fortnite Installed Available on eBay with Price Tags Reaching $10,000

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