iPhone X Maintains A Strong Lead Over Android Phones In Newly Updated GFXBench Aztec Benchmark

Apple has faced stiff competition from Android manufacturers in the last few years, iPhones which used to be better in every single aspect at some point have certainly trailed behind in a lot of those. Phones like the One Plus 6 which cost half of an iPhone X trade blows and barely triumph over each other.

But that one aspect where iPhones remain unchallenged are in their raw performance. The A11 bionic chip is still the performance king and Apple has still maintained that generational gap with Qualcomm.

Anandtech recently published a very interesting article where they benchmarked different phones with flagship processors from different manufacturers. They conducted their tests in the lastets version of GFXBench version 5.0 which has the new Aztec Ruins scene. Tests can be conducted on two modes, OpenGL or Vulkan.

Aztec Benchmark still
Source – techreport.com

Two benchmark options are there, Aztec Ruins: High and Aztec Ruins: Low which differ on the amont of workload. In normal mode the benchmark runs at 1080p and there are an average of 207K triangles per frame. The higher level benchmark has more than double the triangles per frame which is running at 1440p, it also has many more particle and shader effects running which make the scene look better while push the mobile GPUs. 

Anandtech conducted their tests on 4 devices. The iPhone X with the A11 bionic chip, the One Plus 6 with the Snapdragon 845, the Galaxy S9 with the Exynos 9810 and the Honor play with the Kirin 970, although the S9 and the Honor play use the same  Mali G72 GPU.

Source – Anandtech

iPhone X achieves an impressive FPS of 17.36 and the One plus 6 just trailing behind with 13.68 FPS. Here there is a significant difference in the S9 and the Honor play even though they run the same Mali G72 GPU, this is probably due to the difference in performance of the Exynos 9810 and the Kirin 970.

Source – Anandtech

Here the iPhone X has a considerable lead over the One Plus 6. Same can be said for the Galaxy S9 and the Honor Play. As Apple has ended support for OpenGL, the OpenGL scores are not available for the iPhone X.

The Aztec test certainly pushed all these devices to their limits. The iPhone had a very impressive score beating even the One Plus 6 by a good margin, but Qualcomm is closing this perfomance gap every year, they might be able match Apple in a couple of years with this progress.

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iPhone X Maintains A Strong Lead Over Android Phones In Newly Updated GFXBench Aztec Benchmark

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