iPhone SE 4 Reportedly Cancelled, Was Expected to Debut Apple’s In-house 5G Modems

An alleged fourth-generation iPhone SE from Apple has been in development, however, a recent report confirms that no such device will be released. The iPhone SE 4 was said to have a physical appearance similar to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, but with more up-to-date features including a 5G connection. It is claimed that Qualcomm benefits more from the cancellation than the delay. 

This is due to the claim made by supply chain expert Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple intended to include its first in-house cellular modem in the iPhone SE 4 next year.

Due to concerns that the performance of the in-house baseband chip may not be up to par with Qualcomm’s, Apple initially planned to launch its baseband chip in 2024 and let the low-end iPhone SE 4 adopt it first, and decide whether to let the iPhone 16 use its baseband chip depending on the development status of iPhone SE 4.

However, the cancelation of the iPhone SE 4 has significantly increased the chances of Qualcomm remaining the exclusive supplier of baseband chips for the 2H24 new iPhone 16 series, which is better than the market consensus that Qualcomm will start losing iPhone orders in 2024.” 

-Ming-Chi Kuo  

The iPhone SE 4 seems to be completely off the table, therefore Qualcomm will continue to be Apple’s exclusive source for iPhone broadband processors for next year. In a prior report, Kuo said that Apple was debating whether to postpone the debut of the iPhone SE 4 or cancel it entirely. The analyst cites supply chain sources who claim to have information from Apple indicating that no such phone would be released.

Famously, Apple and Qualcomm engaged in a legal spat over cellular modem technology used in iPhones. In the end, Apple bought Intel’s modem division and paid Qualcomm to utilize its network modem. In the meanwhile, Apple has been working on its internal cellular modems, but according to Kuo’s schedule, no iPhone would utilize them until at least 2025.


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