Tim Cook Advises on Switching to an iPhone to Avoid “Green Bubbles”

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, rejected the notion of implementing RCS messaging to eliminate the green bubbles that enclose messages when iPhone users text someone using an Android device.

When asked how Apple founder Steve Jobs would feel about using the RCS standard in iMessage during Vox Media’s Code 2022 event on Wednesday night, Cook responded, “I don’t hear our users asking that we put a lot of energy in on that at this point.” Cook responded, “I would love to convert you to an iPhone.”

However, the person who posed the query, LiQuan Hunt of Vox Media, responded with a legitimate complaint, claiming that his mother cannot view the films he sends her. It all comes down to the fact that iMessage and RCS are not interconnected, even though both messaging platforms could support higher-quality photos and videos if they cooperated.

Suppose you’ve attempted to transfer a video from an Android device to an iOS device (or vice versa) using your standard text messaging software. In that case, you know that your movies arrive at the other end fuzzy. Cook’s advice for resolving this irritating problem? Buy your mom an iPhone.

iPhone 14 Pro | Apple

Cook’s comments come at a time when the company’s privacy initiative has come under increasing fire for being self-serving. The company has implemented new privacy features that make it harder to measure online advertising. It is also rumoured that Apple plans to grow its advertising business and introduce new ad units.

While it may seem silly, the bubble colour in iMessage that distinguishes Android (green) users from fellow iPhone users (blue) has become a point of contention. Google’s campaign to publicly shame Apple into adopting the standard has did not affect Cook, who is publicly focusing on opinions from people who have iPhones. 


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