iPhone about to function as hotel room key and virtual transit card with iOS 12

Apple is on its way of broadening the scope of iPhone’s use, similar to their endeavor proving iPads as a competent substitute to laptops. The claimant of world’s most powerful personal device are about show users that iPhone is more than just a phone by enabling access to NFC chips with iOS 12. The big news was cracked at WWDC, Apple’s annual conference on June 4. This update will help make iPhone function as a hotel room key and virtual transit card through a method that is safer than that of Bluetooth.

The technology giant is lifting the restriction with the update that previously blocked the non-Apple applications from access to the NFC chip, a chip installed in iPhone 6 and 6s. Besides that, complete access will also be granted to software developers without any limitations.

The big news does not end only here. Apart from being used as hotel room keys, iPhone will also be used car and home keys. This amazing feature is already being deployed by the workers at Apple to enter their workplaces. All this process is backed by a strong security system developed by HID Global that is more authentic than that of Bluetooth which is already being used by some customers at Hotels that grant permission.

Although users are already using Apple pay via iPhone and Apple Watch to pay their bills in countries including Russia, US, Japan, London and China. Apple however is still thriving and has been sharing active dialogues with Cubic regarding the addition of virtual transit card feature in their new update of operating system allowing the possessors of iPhone 6 and advanced to enjoy this feature in part of the world.

Reporters are however unsure if Apple will grant access to NFC chip to the entire pool of developers they’re working with them at the moment keeping their privacy concerns in view. Any further news regarding iOS 12 will be enclosed by the coming week.

Bill Wilson
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iPhone about to function as hotel room key and virtual transit card with iOS 12

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