iPhone 5c screen replacement procedure and parts

Changing iPhone 5C is a complicated procedure but it only takes 10 to 20 minutes to change the broken screen into a new one. You can buy the tools and the new screen for cheap and repair it yourself to avoid labor costs that usually costs between $50 to $100.

I highly recommend doing this yourself for learning experience and as an activity; the more you do it the more you become good at it. You can also help your friends, neighbors and relatives.

To change your iPhone 5C screen you will need following tools,

  • New iPhone 5C screen
  • Sharp blade or a pry tool
  • Phillip-Head Screwdriver
  • Pentalobe Screwdriver

You can buy them  separately or get an all-in-one kit which is what i recommend. The one i have used for myself and customers is this one:

iphone 5c screen replacement


You can buy this toolkit which comes with screen at Amazon for $74.99 including all the tools required to carry out the steps listed in this guide. To view or buy the  kit; Click Here

Follow the following steps to successfully change your 5C screen:

1. Remove the screws from the bottom of your iPhone 5c which is next to the charging port by using the Pentalobe Screwdriver.

iphone 5c screen replacement

2. Take the pry tool and insert it between the plastic cover and internal frame as shown below. Don’t start from the place where it is broke because fragments of glass can damage your skin and eye if not handled carefully.

iphone 5c screen replacement1

3. Pry open the screen by sliding the pry tool from all edges of your mobile. Gently apply the pressure and with twist of your pry tool you can lift the screen up.

iphone 5c screen replacement2

iphone 5c screen replacement3

4. You can lift the screen from 45 degree angle. And then by using the Phillip-head screw driver open the four screws holding the screen clip together with board.

iphone 5c screen replacement4

5. After the metal sheet is removed, you will see three small clips attached to the screen; by using pry tool detach the first clip then move to next one.

iphone 5c screen replacement6

6. When the clips are plucked out you can easily take the screen out of the frame, now as shown below put the screen upside down.

iphone 5c screen replacement7

7. Use Phillip-Head Screw Driver remove the following screws one by one. It will detach your back light, then camera and two screws on other side as shown in image below.

iphone 5c screen replacement8iphone 5c screen replacement9

8. Use Tweezer and take out the speaker by applying small amount of pressure firmly after removing its screw. Below it you will see a small clip glued to the board by using tape. Peel it off gently by using your fingers.

iphone 5c screen replacement10iphone 5c screen replacement119. Take out the last screw holding the screen and middle bracket together and then take the screen off as shown below.

iphone 5c screen replacement12

10. Now Remove the two screws and take them out then the small metal plate from top of the panel and underneath will be a home button. Peel it off from the panel and that is all. You can discard this broken screen now.

iphone 5c screen replacement13iphone 5c screen replacement14

11. Put the new screen upside down as shown bellow. Use the tweezer to place the Home button back.

iphone 5c screen replacement 15iphone 5c screen replacement 16

12. Now assemble your iPhone 5C back by reversing the method you used to open it. And after that your mobile is ready to work with new screen.

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