iPhone 2018 Roundup: Rumors, Specs and Release Dates

The next iPhone upgrade from Apple is expected to be huge, with three or maybe even four iPhone models to be released simultaneously. Rumors are around that three latest iPhone-X style handsets having full-screen displays are about to be released. The sizes and prices of the sets would vary with one being Plus-sized version of iPhone X and another being on the lower price spectrum.

With this latest update, Apple plans to refine the model’s design and add new enhancements and features including new build materials and colors, higher screen resolution, a bump in processing speeds and extension in battery life. The company’s rivals like Google, Asus, LG, Huawei and OnePlus are rumored to be working on their own specialized phone sets to match Apple’s trademark. Apple thus has to keep its tradition alive of offering amazing specs to its users and it seems the company plans to achieve it by introducing its next iPhone models.

Possible Release Date

The possible release date for the upcoming phones has not been officially announced by Apple yet but it is anticipated that the company will stick to its tradition of releasing phones in the month of September. This time too, a release can be expected in September of 2018.

What would they be called?

As reported by CNET news, analysts claim that anything can be possible as far as the names of new Apple iPhones are concerned. We might see a reversal to the ‘S’ series or the company might completely remove any numbers, at least for the non-X model, something which has been observed in its entry-level tablet.

Rumored Specs and Features

A12 Processor

The 2018 Apple iPhone models are going to have the brilliant A12 processors, a rumor which has been around for a while with sources pointing towards mass production of new chips that use 7nm design but are smaller, faster and efficient than the 10 nm chips. This obviously means that the new iPhones will be super speedy.


Currently the iPhone X has 3GB RAM and its successor will obviously be better than this so a 4GB RAM is being expected.


All three upcoming iPhone models or at least two of them may have the dual SIM feature, however for now this may only be for the Chinese market.


Sources at CNET point towards at least one new iPhone model having a lower cost LCD screen but the rumors do not clearly say which ones will have OLED and LCD screens. The major news suggests the next iPhone X to have an LCD screen aiming at a slash at its price tag. One of the models may have an MLCD+ display. As Wall Street Journal reported that a lesser expensive LCD iPhone will sell better than an expensive OLED one, it is anticipated that Apple will definitely bring one of the models with an LCD screen for raising its sales.


The final predictions point towards the following: an OLED iPhone of 5.8 inches, an OLED iPhone Plus 6.5 inch and an affordable LCD 6.1 inch iPhone model. All the three models will ultimately look similar to iPhone X as far as design is concerned.

Three rear cameras

One of the latest iPhone models may have a triple-lens array with a camera facing the rear to enhance the phone’s rear zoom capacity and improving the picture quality, especially in dim light.

Follow up of iPhone SE

Rumor has it that Apple is creating a hybrid of some sort which will be a direct follow up of iPhone SE. The model will merge the SE’s screen form factor with iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system.

Plus sized versions of iPhone X

It is being speculated that the upcoming models will include two plus sized versions of the iPhone X which a 6.5 inch OLED model and a 6.1 inch LCD model. The design would remain the same as iPhone X yet sizes would vary.

Price Tags

iPhone X was meant to be the premium iPhone with a premium price tag beginning at $999. The same is being speculated for the upcoming models with a slight change in the company’s pricing strategy for one of its models. According to a research note by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple seems to be worried about the seemingly negative impact of keeping higher prices for its phones after people reacted to the whopping price of iPhone X. Different surveys suggested that users were put off by the model’s unusually premium price. Owing to this, the company along with the higher priced models plans to take out a lower priced 6.1 inch LCD model which would be between $600 and $700.

At the same time, it is rumored that a pricier version of iPhone X is in store for those who still wish to stay on the premium side of it all. This flagship iPhone may cost around $1100. It may be too much but if the model has a larger screen than before, then the price tag seems understandable.

Face Recognition

It is predicted that the upcoming iPhone lineup will no more have the usual fingerprint sensors, hence it would mean the end of Touch ID and beginning of the facial recognition technology. Face ID technology will be fully functional in the next iPhone models and may also come to the next batch of iPads.

Apple Pencil or iPen

One of the models from the 2018 lineup will also support the Apple’s iPen, a rumor that has been around since the company’s stylus pen first debuted in the year 2015.

Even though Apple has yet to make an official announcement about it, it has gotten Apple fans excited to see what is in store for them this year. It would be interesting to see what the actual iPhone models will have to offer.

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iPhone 2018 Roundup: Rumors, Specs and Release Dates

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