Analyst Reiterates iPhone 16 Launching in 2024 Will Come with In-Display Face ID

Apple has largely stuck with the same front design for its iPhone models since the iPhone X launch back in 2017. At the time, this almost bezel-less design with a notch up top securing the camera and Face ID sensors was revolutionary and Apple was a massive proponent in normalizing it to the point where every phone today features a modernized screen. However, nearly five years later, the design is really starting to show its age.

Last year with the launch of the iPhone 13 series, Apple made a small change to the Pro models in the lineup by giving them a smaller notch. The size of the notch was reduced by around 20% allowing for more screen real estate, however it was still far from what the Android world was enjoying. That being said, Apple is said to bring another massive change to the front of the iPhone this year with its iPhone 14 lineup.

The iPhone 14 Pro models will feature a new pill-shaped and punch-hole cutout on the screen to house the camera and the Face ID sensors. This means that the phone will now have, technically, two notches, but they will be significantly smaller and open up even more screen-to-body ratio than before. But, as I mentioned, this will only apply to the Pro models, rest of the iPhone 14 non-Pro lineup will be getting updated to yesteryear’s iPhone 13 Pro design with the smaller notch.

iPhone 14 Pro models front design featuring the new camera cutouts | MacRumors

Under-display Face ID is coming

While the iPhone 14 will still rock a visible cutout for the Face ID components, we could be seeing this tech move under the screen in the coming years. Rumors have long suggested that iPhone 16 will finally switch to in-display FaceID when it launches. Ming-ChiKuo, a well-renowned and respected analyst in the field, along with Ross Young, another reputed display analyst, have both presented their speculation on how the iPhone 16 will debut this tech in 2024.

As you can see in the tweet above, Kuo suggests that the 2024 timeframe is “less of a technical issue and more of a marketing purpose” which means that Apple is deliberately waiting out even though the technology is likely close to being ready. Therefore, iPhone 14’s new pill-shaped and punch hole cutout combo will last at least two years with only the Pro models getting it this year, while the entire iPhone 15 lineup getting it next year. This will give Apple enough time to build up some hype and anticipation for a bombastic reveal in 2024.

Initially, Kuo had stated that Apple was looking to debut the in-display camera system with the iPhone 15 but latest information now contradicts that as 2024’s iPhone 16 is now looking like the prime subject. Apple is likely taking its sweet time to perfect the technology because they have set a precedent of always being the best at something even if they are the last at it, so the tradition needs to kept alive.

That’s not all folks. Ming-Chi Kuo has also mentioned a foldable device in the works at Apple, a 9-inch iPad-iPhone hybrid that can launch as early as 2025. You can read our coverage on this here. Apple has largely lagged behind the Android world when it comes to more experimental breakthroughs like under-display camera technology and foldables, but it looks like the company is finally trying to catch up.


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