Upcoming Apple iPhone 15’s Spigen Case Accidentally Listed on Amazon

The widely anticipated Apple iPhone 15 series release date is approaching, and so is the hype. Many leaks have appeared in recent weeks, including the device’s accessories, specifications, and colour. However, in this new finding, we get our first look at an iPhone 15 Pro Max Case made by Spigen that was accidentally listed on Amazon.

Kevin Aubin, an Apple enthusiast, discovered the case on Amazon and ordered one for himself. While this may seem unbelievable, it happened, and Kevin even received the case a few days after ordering, providing us with the full picture of the new design of the upcoming flagship handheld.

Kevin shared images on X (formerly Twitter) describing the specifications of the new cover, which were linked to the listing. Kevin was able to provide real pictures of the product after receiving the case, and it appears that most of our leaks were accurate.

The case costs $16.99 which is the usual pricing for a Spigen case, however currently only the Abyss Green colour was in stock which Kevin managed to get his hands on. Amazon has now also removed the Abyss Green from its “In Stock” status to “Unavailable“, which confirms this was an error on their part

Amazon Spigen Listing for 15 Pro Max Cover | Kevin Aubin

Kevin shared photos of the case after receiving it, which revealed a few details about the upcoming phone. The new Solid-State silent button, which can also be programmed for other purposes, was one of the case’s major highlights. According to rumours, the new phone, unlike its predecessors, will not have a hole for the silent button because it has been converted to a solid state.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the upcoming device will have a larger camera than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is consistent with previous rumours. The iPhone 15 Pro Max, like the rest of the phones in the series, will have a USB Type-C port as a result of EU legislation that required Apple to switch to a more generalized port rather than keeping its own lighting port.

More listings have also been discovered on Amazon, including a transparent casing for the iPhone 15 Pro max. The transparent case is priced similarly to the previous case and includes the same features. All of these listings appear to be errors, as they were not supposed to appear before the Apple event, let alone be shipped to a customer, which is a different story in and of itself.

Apple Event

Apple also officially announced its upcoming event yesterday. A page on the website indicates that the event will take place on September 12th, which corresponds to a leak received a few days ago. The new iPhone Series, as well as many other devices that Apple is working on, will be showcased at the event.

We’ll be covering the Apple Event so you don’t miss out on any new announcements; keep checking back for more information. Please share your thoughts on the case in the comments section below.

Source: Kevin Aubin


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