iPhone 15 Pro: Stunning Render Leaks Showcases Apple’s Next-Gen Approach

It looks like we have another round of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro design render leaks courtesy of 9to5mac. The source is certain that this is the most accurate description of the iPhone 15 Pro to date since all of the material has been verified by several sources.

The screen will be our first stop. Although Apple seems to be reducing the bezels on its future flagships, the pill-shaped Dynamic Island is still there and will likely never go away. If the leaked renderings are accurate, the iPhone 15 Pro would have some of the smallest bezels of any phone on the market.

It looks like the bezels are going to be much thinner this time.
Tiny Bezels of the iPhone 15 Pro | 9to5mac

iPhone 15 Pro Camera Bump Is Now Bigger than Ever

Next, we have more information about the device’s camera bump it is surely not appealing. With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple is once again enlarging the cameras. The camera bump is bigger, but the protruding lenses are the more obvious difference.

In particular, a periscope-style telephoto camera similar to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is said to be coming to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, providing a greater zoom range. The maximum lossless optical zoom that the current generation of iPhones can provide is around 3x.

New Volume Button and Haptic Mechanism

Haptic and mute buttons made of solid state will be available on the iPhone 15 Pro. The buttons will be replaced with two new haptic engines that are specifically designed to simulate pressing a button, according to the most recent information.

Enhanced Buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro | 9to5mac

It’s unclear how Apple will handle this additional input in the software, but the mute switch will also undergo the haptic treatment and work as a push button instead.

New Red Hue | 9to5mac

The addition of a brand-new deep red hue to the lineup is perhaps the most interesting update. This color is one that Apple hasn’t really utilized on any of its devices yet, and it looks just lovely. This shade is expected to replace Deep Purple and sit among Apple’s standard White, Space Black, and Gold.

Although the design of the upcoming device isn’t confirmed by these renderings, they are based on a growing number of reports about the device and may turn out to be the final appearance of the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. Either way, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be a lucrative device and we can’t wait for it to launch.


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