Apple to Initiate iPhone 14 Production Immediately in India and China

Outside of China, Foxconn, Apple‘s main (manufacturing) partner in crime, has iPhone manufacturing facilities in Brazil and India. When it comes to the shipping of iPhones across the world, China’s activities continue to be the most noteworthy, not only because most iPhone are produced there, but also due to ongoing regional tensions.

Both Brazil and India lag behind Foxconn’s China facilities and, historically, China has always been the first to ship iPhones with other factories to follow suite. However, it appears that Apple will start making the iPhone 14 simultaneously in China and India for the first time ever with this generation.

According to reputable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, at least one of the new iPhone 14 variants would be manufactured in India concurrently with those in China. If accurate, this will be the first occasion when the manufacturing of a new generation of iPhones starts immediately in two different nations.

Kuo states it typically takes a few months to begin producing a new iPhone outside of China but Apple has decided to take this decision in respect to the current geopolitical landscape.

According to earlier news, following the disputed trip to Taiwan by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Apple has warned its suppliers about potential Chinese government “revenge” against the US. Pelosi spoke with several of Apple’s vendors, including the chip manufacturer TSMC and the Taiwanese assembler Pegatron. There have since been rumors that China is preventing these firms’ shipments.

Analysts still predict that Apple will unveil the new iPhones next month, despite all of these obstacles. Additionally, it’s claimed that the firm will unveil a new entry-level iPad with a USB-C connector and 5G support as well as the next generation Apple Watch, which will have a Pro model for the first time.


Muhammad Zuhair

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