iPhone 14 Pro’s Crash Detection Feature Tested IRL by YouTuber

The new Apple Watch Series 8 and iPhone 14 Pro versions include many valuable and safety-enhancing features, according to Apple. One of the most unique is the Crash Detection feature introduced in the September Event. When the new Crash Detection function notices that a user has been in an automobile accident, it immediately contacts emergency services. A YouTuber did, however, physically try the process out. To our astonishment, the new iPhone 14 Pro’s Crash Detection functioned wonderfully.

TechRax, who only recently posted a video on YouTube, is the one who tested out the Crash Detection feature in real-time. The car struck the goal after several wrecks by him and his crew. Be aware that there was no driver, and everything was set up to function wirelessly. The driver’s seat headrest was where the iPhone 14 Pro was fastened when it repeatedly struck the stopped car to activate Crash Detection.

Several tests were conducted in order to determine the timing and effectiveness of the feature. The YouTuber set up a barricade with junked cars to ensure the automobile crashed. There seemed to be a little delay before the iPhone 14 Pro started the crash detection function after inspecting the automobile. Before contacting the emergency services, the crew stopped an emergency countdown with a siren that had been seen.

In a further attempt, the vehicle gained more speed and struck the line of cars again, damaging the hood badly. However, the iPhone 14 Pro started the Crash Detection function once again. This demonstrates that the process is dependable in an emergency and always has to be turned on.

In the most recent iPhone 14, Apple incorporated various distinctive features. The release, including features Dynamic Island and Satellite Integration, thrilled consumers. In terms of customer safety and as a marketing tool for Apple, the Crash Detection function is a fantastic addition.


Muhammad Zuhair

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