M2-Based iPad Pro to Significantly Accelerate Apple’s Mini-LED Innovation

Before preparing for 2023, Apple is anticipated to hold one more launch event, at which time it is anticipated to reveal its enhanced premium M2 iPad Pro family.

According to a report, these new models should be released in October and will increase the company’s position of the mini-LED slate market. Ross Young on DSCC discusses how Apple’s drive with the debut of the M2 iPad Pro will enable the market share of such tablets to grow.

In Q2’22, OLEDs overtook MiniLEDs in the Advanced Tablet market due to the slowdown in MiniLED iPad Pro volumes earning a 60% to 40% advantage, their first lead since Q1’21. However, with a new iPad Pro expected to launch in October, MiniLED panels should resume leadership in Q3’22 and Q4’22 with at least a 66% share each quarter. MiniLEDs maintained an advantage in Q2’22 on a revenue basis despite 40% of volumes on their higher prices.”

– Ross Young 

The 12.9-inch M2 iPad Pro is anticipated to feature that mini-LED update, just as last time, thus users will have to spend more to obtain the larger device. About all we anticipate from the smaller tablet is a processor upgrade for the 11-inch model, coupled with other minor modifications.

With the introduction of the newer models, if Apple chooses to keep selling the M1 iPad Pro series at a lower price, both models will still offer adequate performance, which will greatly benefit customers who are eager to get a budget-friendly choice.

The boost in sales should help mini-LED tablets gain momentum and eventually surpass OLED tablets in the latter quarter of 2022. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicts that, rather than holding a physical event next month, Apple would instead introduce the M2 iPad Pro series through press releases given that it is not thought to feature significant outward modifications.

According to this theory, the new iPad Pro models and updated MacBook Pro models that will be released next month may not have 3nm chipsets but rather 5nm ones.


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