iPad Pro 11-inch 2021 To Follow Same Design as Current Generation: May Feature the M1 Chip for better Performance

Last week, xLeaks decided to produce a render based on the specs for the iPad Pro series, 2021. The render was of the bigger brother, the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. This week though, the tipster is back with a new render for the iPad Pro 11-inch model. In a tweet and an embedded article, they cover the design, the changes from last year and the possible internals on the upcoming machine from Apple.

iPad Pro 11-inch

According to the embedded article, Apple would follow a similar design to the current generation. While the thickness of the iPad may increase, perhaps to accommodate a beefier battery or the camera bump, that is unsure. The article states that it would go up to 7.7mm, but they believe it is because of the camera bump only. Other than that, the rest of the device has the same dimensions to support the expensive Magic Keyboard. Apple wouldn’t be THAT cruel as to make these obsolete just after one generation. The rest of the iPad is as same as the last generation as two identical twins.

On the feature set, we may see a new camera system, this would be the same one found on the iPad Pro 12.9-inch variant. There would also be a LiDAR sensor on the back, the same one found on the current generation of iPhone 12 Pro lineup. As for the chipset, while an A14X might be in the works, reports claim that Apple may include the M1 chipset in it. This is because they plan to upgrade the MacBooks to a more powerful one for 2021. The M1 chip is quite powerful and it would surely be a good addition to the already powerful iPad Pro. It is truly on its way to replace computers one day. Designers may vouch for that.

Lastly, these renders are all based on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt. The final product may come out to be completely different, so please, bear that in mind.

Sarmad Burki
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