iPad Keyboard Is Split

The Apple iPad has many specific features that take advantage of the device’s larger display. One such feature is the new split keyboard, which allows users to divide the keyboard into two sections. This helps users to type easily with their thumbs by separating the device’s on-screen keyboard. The two-thumb method of typing is likely the easiest and quickest way to enter text. When users utilize this feature, the keyboard splits to the left and right of the iPad’s display. The split keyboard feature allows users to undock and achieve greater flexibility when typing. When the keyboard is split, the keys shrink, so they become easier to use. However, most users don’t know how to un-split the keyboard. To return the keyboard to normal, follow the simple steps below, which will spare you a fair share of head-banging.

iPad Keyboard Is Split

Method 1: Change Settings.

On your home screen, click Settings.

Once you are in settings, scroll down and search for the General option on the left side of the screen.

Click on the General option.

Once you are in General settings, search for the Keyboard option in the right column of the screen.

Tap on the keyboard option.

Once you are in the keyboard settings, search for ‘Split Keyboard’ and tap the button on the right to restore the normal.

Method 2: Easily Reattach the Keyboard

You can un-split the keyboard directly by this method; it’s the easiest and quickest way.

Open your notes or any text field, so that the keyboard appears.

To return the keyboard to its normal layout, simply swipe both ends of the keyboard toward the center using your fingers simultaneously.

Method 3: Merging the Keyboard

You can unsplit the keyboard by using the keyboard button.

Open any text field.

Keyboard will appear, tap the keyboard button from the left corner

Select the merge option.


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