New Details Surface About Upcoming iOS 15 ‘Cheyote’ Jailbreak

It was announced quite recently that the new iOS 15 Jailbreak tool would be coming out soon for iPhones and even iPads. You’ll be surprised to know that the Odyssey team is working pretty hard to make the new jailbreak fool-proof. The Jailbreak is done without rooting your iPhone and is codenamed “Cheyote.” 

Developers of the Jailbreak have already started sharing details so let’s get right into it.

Details About Cheyote

The latest updates for the upcoming Cheyote Jailbreak have been shared over at the Odyssey Team Discord Server. The patch notes discuss the features added to the jailbreak along with an updated to-do list.

Based on the earlier information and leaks shared by the team, it’s safe to say that CoolStar has managed to run the Cheyote Recovery interface. This means all options, including Safe Mode, Startup Repair, normal Boot, and Telnet/SSH, can work properly.

CoolStar informed users that Safe Mode is still active on iOS 15 and shared a screenshot to further its validity. In addition, an updated to-do list noted several tasks that have been accomplished in regards to the development of the Cheyote Jailbreak. Here’s a list of the updated details below

  1. Breaking out of sandbox
  2. Getting root
  3. Getting read/write access to filesystem (except rootFS)
  4. Breaking AMF/codesign
  5. Running shell commands (some bugs remain)
  6. Getting OpenSSH running
  7. Getting legacy Odyssey launched injection working
  8. Adding USB Ethernet debug support
  9. Getting Userspace reboot working
  10. Getting Cheyote recovery working
  11. Getting system services started properly after an Underspace reboot (some bugs remain
  12. Putting a bounty out of an iOS 15 jailbreak tweak to install for testing
  13. Running tweak in Springboard

Although the team has successfully worked on all of the above items listed, there are still a few elements that the jailbreak team needs to figure out.

  1. Fixing dyld hook
  2. Fixing the Userspace reboot bug, so that manual intervention is not required.
  3. Making sure injection works inside of App Store apps.

The updated to-do list has given lots of hyped fans, and potential jailbreak enthusiasts hope that the Cheyote Jailbreak is in the final stages of its development and will be released soon. However, the developers have not shared a potential release date for Cheyote but don’t worry. We’ll keep you updated on Appuals with future updates.


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