iOS 14 Reportedly To Have List View & New Gestures

9to5Mac is on fire since yesterday, with its iOS 14 predictions and news. It was yesterday that we saw the potential improvements to the iPadOS. These included improved stability and proper mouse cursor support. This time around, the news website turns to twitter to give news about more features people should expect with the upcoming iOS 14.

The tweet links the main article from the website. Initial reports stated that Apple won’t be working on any UI changes for the upcoming iOS 14. This latest article though trumps that. There was code leaked from the website which includes a new tab/screen on the home screen. This would, like the app drawer, display all the apps on the phone, as a list.

iOS 14 List View & Gestures

Not only that, there will be a couple of listing options for the screen as well. This would include special filters for apps. You may want to view all your apps with pending notifications. With this new screen, the phone will separate and display those apps to you. This would also include a filter for the recently used apps. Additionally, the list would have Siri suggestions as well, based on the location or keywords you may have searched for. It is quite clear that this option is adopted from the list view on WatchOS.

Lastly, the article includes news about new gestures on iOS 14. This would be paired with the cursor support for the iPad. According to the article, there will be new gesture support. Currently, the iPad supports a bunch of gestures to operate it. Perhaps, with the added mouse support, the device would be one entity, allowing ease of use with the mouse. This may be similar to the Surface work station. As we come close to June, we may find out more exciting news about the upcoming iOS 14.

Sarmad Burki
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