iOS 13: Apple’s OS Made Better With A Plethora of Features & Upgrades

With WWDC behind us, there are a bunch of things that we can conclude. It was a pretty colorful event, with Apple introducing a bunch of new stuff. While there was a lot that was leaked beforehand, everything is now out in the open. Apple, despite all the leaks, had a few tricks up its sleeve. In this section, we cover iOS.

iOS 13 – What’s new?

Apple’s new operating system for the year 2019-20 takes on a more colorful approach. This is the first proper revamp since iOS 7, in my opinion. Firstly, the highly anticipated Dark Mode would be one of the most highlighted features of the operating system. Not only would flagship iPhones benefit from the dark tones, but aesthetically people enjoy it. It was quite apparent that Apple would opt for this, ever since its inclusion in MacOS Mojave. Besides, it was included in the screenshots leaked earlier by MACRUMORS. If you move to Apple’s website, on the iOS page, you can see every feature highlighted in Dark Mode. Clearly, this is the “big thing” about this update.

Apple’s New Dark Mode

Then we come to the Photos App. They have made massive improvements to the Camera and Photos app. Not only have they given more user control to the camera App such as portrait lighting, but also the Photos App. Users can now freely edit their photos with more linear controls. Not only that, photo categorization for daily captures meets a whole new image (no pun intended). The app now allows you to edit your videos more freely as well. You can apply filters, flip it around or even crop it as you please. Something Apple always lacked, user control. They are stepping in the right direction.

Redesigned Photos App on iOS 13

There have been performance boosts introduced in the software as well. According to Apple, apps would open and close two times faster and take up less space. Not only this but the new iPhone models with FaceID 2.0 would unlock about 30 percent faster than before. Apple has been known for its software integration and this is where they really dig in deep. Something Apple fans would be delighted to know that swipe typing on the keyboard would be native now. Apple calls it QuickPath but it does exactly what “swipe typing” explains. Android fans do not have exclusive access anymore.

Perhaps a very nifty upgrade was to Siri. Now, users have the ability to keep Siri shortcuts with the built-in App. this way, users can interact with apps better, via Siri. That is backed up by a totally new Siri voice. According to Apple, they have developed it using advanced neural text-to-speech technology. Clearly, they’re stepping in the right direction, competing with Alexa and Google Assistant. Not only this, but Siri on the Homepod would be smarter. It can now detect different voices of people in the house, giving a customizable environment in general. 

The All New Siri

Recently, Apple announced the new Apple Airpods. they also launched the Powerbeats Pro with the same H1 chip inside. With iOS 13, users can now get messages read to them in their Airpods. Thereby eliminating the need to take out your phone every time it buzzes. Not only that, media consumption is made more fun. Two pairs of Airpods can now link to a single iPhone and listen to the same thing with no audio delay. This is quite interesting and exciting for people who like to share content with their friends.

Other upgrades include the newly designed Reminder and Maps app. These apps allow more functionality with their updates and include useful features such as categories for the latter. Perhaps we’d learn the full extent of it after trying out the beta version. Apart from that, CarPlay has been redesigned to fit the aesthetic as well and supports a new calendar app and Apple Music App with Album arts. There have also been additions to Memoji designs and the messaging app in general. Apple was keen to add security upgrades as well, to combat the security situation in today’s day and age.


Perhaps there is still a lot about iOS 13 that we simply could not cover in a single post. As it looks though, Apple has done a fine job in creating an operating system more integrated and filling in the holes. From Dark Mode to the Performance boost, they have given users a reason to believe that an update doesn’t really mean making way for new machines. It means to accommodate every user. this is exactly what Apple does by allowing older iPhones to upgrade to the latest version of iOS instantly as well. Perhaps once the final version comes out, we’ll be able to see it in its full glory.

Sarmad Burki
Sarmad Burki is a Mathematician and a Economist with a passion for all things gaming and tech. His academics and professional experience combined with tech and gaming adds to his skills giving him a unique ability to observe the tech and gaming industry from various prespectives.

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iOS 13: Apple’s OS Made Better With A Plethora of Features & Upgrades

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