iOS 13.1 Forces Some Wireless Chargers to Top Out at 5W

Apple, for the first time, was keen to push update after update for its 13th iteration of the iOS. Since its release a couple of weeks ago, iOS 13 has seen 2 new renditions, including iOS 13.1.2, which is the latest one. The company is doing so in order to fix bugs and error that are common in a new piece of software (no matter how long the Beta testing period is).

There have been various complains about the firmware though. Some have complained about faster battery drains while others have escalated an issue of crashing apps. A recent article by GSMArena reports that there is another issue with the devices that support wireless charging.

Some Wireless Chargers are Affected by this update

According to the article, Apple Mobile Devices after the iPhone 8 are showing compatibility issues with wireless chargers. The article quotes ChargerLab’s report on saying that Apple has restricted its phones when it comes to wireless charging. With iPhones 8 and X, users could charge at 5W but that was later updated to support 7.5W fast charging. The newer models were upgraded to support 10W charging which gave better charging times. Now, according to the report, Apple has restricted its devices to support fixed-frequency voltage for the 7.5W speed. What this would mean is that once placed on a 10W wireless charger, the device (iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X) would only support 7.5W if it has fixed frequency voltage. Otherwise, the device would be topped off at 5W.

Currently, there’s no response from Apple but most of the wireless chargers are affected by it. According to the report, wireless/Qi chargers by Belkin, Mophie and Anker (Thank God!), aren’t affected by this development.

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iOS 13.1 Forces Some Wireless Chargers to Top Out at 5W

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