iOS 12.0.1 Lock Screen Can Be Tricked To Access Pictures

Doesn't Seem Like A Major Security Issue

The iOS 12.0.1 lock screen can be tricked into opening the pictures in the gallery of the device. This is true for the iPhone X, as well as the XS models. A video was posted by José Rodríguez that shows a flaw in the security. If someone has access to the device then the pictures on the device can be accessed without knowing the passcode.

The trick is not all that simple and needs 13 steps and perfect timing but it is not impossible to pull off either. Once you follow the steps you can get access to the photos on the device without the passcode. iOS 12.0.1 was released in order to patch some lock screen bypasses and other issues. It turns out that the new update has issues of its own.

According to reports, this is not a huge breach in security so you need not be worried. I am sure that Apple is going to patch this up in an upcoming update. It is pretty unlikely that a hacker is going to be able to spend ample amount of time with your device to be able to pull of 13 steps without you knowing. So most of the users are in the clear.

As of right now, we do not know when Apple is going to release an update. From experience, I can say that you won’t have to wait too long. Apple takes security very seriously and I am sure that a fix is already being worked on right now. If you want to see the iOS 12.0.1 lock screen bypass in action then you can refer to the video below:

The iPhone is not set to the English language. Which might be a bit of an issue but it is a proof of concept. Siri seems to be the weakest link in this case. Some would argue that lock screens have become a bit too complicated and that is my opinion as well. Then again that is a price that you need to pay for minor conveniences. I am sure that there are users that would rather have better security. I for one fall in that category.

Talha Amjad
Talha has been in the tech industry for the last 6 years and is a current member of the PC master race.