IO Interactive Shares New Details On Season of Lust, The Newest Content Drop for Hitman 3, Available Until August 30

The player base’s journey through the Seven Deadly Sins continues, with lots of new content, free and exclusive, coming their way.

Six months after its initial release on consoles and PC, Hitman 3 continues to get regular updates from developer IO Interactive as the final game in the World of Assassination trilogy. This time around, the latest content drop focuses on the fourth act in the Seven Deadly Sins, representative of the game’s seasonal content. IO Interactive detailed the Season of Lust in their latest blog post, the entirety of which you can read here.

Lust in Berlin

Hitiman 3’s Seven Deadly Sins Act 4: Lust, will be showcasing Berlin as its centerpiece. The brand-new content features a one-stage contract called Lust Assassination Escalation, which tasks players with finding safes around the level and blowing them up with different means; alternatively, they can also find keys to open them discreetly. The safes contain clues on a secret admirer, their real target.

This admirer will be amongst a crowd on the dancefloor, alongside Pretenders to confuse players. The contract is also repeatable, with a different admirer chosen in-between rounds to make every playthrough unique and exciting. Completing the assignment will net three rewards: a Scarlet Suit for Agent 47, with matching driving gloves and sunglasses, The Serpent’s Bite explosive, which can be remotely detonated, and The Serpent’s Tongue, a crossbow with blinding darts.

The Seven Deadly Sins content collection is available for purchase as a whole or individually.

New location rotations, Elusive Targets and more

As part of this latest season, Marrakesh will enter the free rotation for Hitman 3’s maps. The map, which features two targets in North Africa, was first released in Hitman 1. This season’s Elusive Target can also be found in Mendoza, featuring the Heartbreaker. Players have 10 days and one chance to eliminate him, earning unique rewards once they do so.

A brand-new permanent event called the Dartmoor Garden Show will also be making its way to the game this August 5. Completing the three stages it has once will unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit permanently for players. Playing further will also unlock Deterministic Mode and Contracts Mode, both of which should provide players with more incentive to play this exciting new map.

IO Interactive also revealed that the first batch of Featured Contracts for the Season of Lust will be making its way to the game this August 12. A reworked version of the Marrakesh map will also be debuting on the same date, with new targets to eliminate in this reimagined setting.

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