Intel’s 9th Generation Laptop Processors Are Coming, 3 Variants Revealed From Leaked Lenovo Laptop Spec Sheet

Intel’s 8th Generation laptop processors were launched last year and the company has yet to announce a refresh. If a recent leak is to be believed, Intel’s 9th gen laptop processors might be coming soon.

Intel 9th Gen Laptop Chips
Source – TomsHardware

Leaked 9th Gen Chips

1.Intel Core i7-9550U
2.Intel Core i5-9250U
3.Intel Core i3-9130U

As you can see from the leaked spec sheet, these 3 processors were named. We already have their 8th gen variants, it will be interesting to see the performance gain with regards to the new chips.

Moving on, all of the three chips are of the U variant, which consumes very less power and are generally used in small-factor laptops and ultrabooks. The current 8th gen mobile U chips already run at a TDP of 15W and it will probably be similar with the upcoming 9th gen laptop processors as well, but we can expect a sizeable jump in clock-speeds.

The launch date is still unknown but TomsHardware states “Previously leaked documents have suggested that the ninth-gen chips will release in Q2 of 2019, and that they are quad-core chips with 15W TDP and 2MB of cache per core.”

Architectural Difference

Some websites are stating that this might be Intel’s first 10nm chip, but it’s very unlikely. Multiple reports suggest poor yields in Intel’s 10nm process and some even state that Intel has scrapped it altogether.

This will most likely be a 14nm release with bumped up clock speeds as we have stated above. The integrated graphics chip might receive a sizeable upgrade, but nothing certain yet.

Lenovo’s Mystery Laptop

Its dubbed as the IdeaPad S530-13IWL. Apart from the new 9th gen processors, rest of the spec sheet seems pretty standard. Looking at the dimensions, it seems to be a compact laptop with a touchscreen display (reminiscent of existing Yoga Series from Lenovo).

Lenovo and other manufacturers will definitely showcase these laptops at CES 2019, possibly with more variants of the 9th gen chips, so there’s much to look forward next year.

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