Intel’s 12th-Gen Gen Core EVO “Alder Lake-S” CPUs Confirmed To Work With DDR5 RAM?

Intel’s CPUs appear to be the first ones to have confirmed compatibility with the next generation of computer RAM. Newly leaked information seems to confirm that the Intel’s 12th-Gen Gen Core EVO “Alder Lake” processors will work with DDR5 memory. While rumors about the DDR5 RAM were persistent, the latest news confirms the same.

The upcoming 12th Gen Core desktop series codenamed Alder Lake-S was rumored to support DDR5 memory. New information appears to confirm the same. Incidentally, neither Intel nor AMD have officially confirmed that their CPUs, present or future, will support DDR5 Memory. But now Intel might be the first company to admit the same after the information has leaked online.

Intel’s 12th-Gen Gen Core EVO “Alder Lake-S” CPUs First To Support DDR5 RAM?

After DDR3, the DDR4 RAM has been the longest to survive in the PC segment. Both the mainstream CPU manufacturers, Intel and AMD, have steadily supported the DDR4 RAM over multiple generations of CPUs. While the DDR5 Memory has been developed and refined for some time now, neither AMD nor Intel have confirmed their future CPUs will support the next generation of faster memory standard. Nonetheless, it is inevitable that both companies will have to adopt the standard sooner rather than later.

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While Intel’s 12th-Gen Alder Lake is apparently the first generation of CPUs to support DDR5 Memory, AMD, as well as Intel, are expected to shift to new platforms at the same time. However, the shift will require some significant modifications to the motherboards as well as the CPU structures to work optimally with DDR5.

Intel’s 12th-Gen Gen Core EVO “Alder Lake-S” CPUs will be slotted inside the new LGA1700 socket. While the information remains uncorroborated, the new socket could mandate a new generation of motherboards, possibly based on the as-yet unconfirmed 600 Series chipsets.

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While Intel’s new 600 Series motherboards with LGA1700 socket will be the first ones to support DDR5 RAM, AMD is adopting a new socket, the AM5. This new socket succeeds the AM4 socket which has been prevalent for multiple years. AMD’s AM4 socket is by far one of the longest-running and highly compatible aspects which have attracted CPU buyers.

Are AMD’s ZEN 4-based Desktop CPUs A Better Option Than Intel’s 12th-Gen Gen Core EVO Alder Lake-S CPUs?

Incidentally, the AM5 socket will accept an entirely new generation of AMD CPUs which will be based on the ZEN 4 Architecture. Intel has been dragging its feet when it comes to the adoption of next-gen technologies like PCIe 4.0. While the 11th-Gen Intel Rocket Lake will support PCIe 4.0, it won’t support DDR5 Memory. Moreover, it will still be based on the archaic 14nm Architecture.

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Meanwhile, the ZEN 4 based AMD Ryzen 4000 or perhaps Ryzen 5000 Series Vermeer CPUs, will be based on the 7nm Fabrication Node. Additionally, they are already hitting very high Boost Clock Speeds. If that’s not enough, AMD is supporting PCIe 4.0. And to top it, these new AMD CPUs, expected to be released next year, could support the DDR5 Memory as well as USB 4.0. Needless to conclude, the upcoming AMD ZEN 4 desktop CPUs could once again be the more attractive choice.

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Intel’s 12th-Gen Gen Core EVO “Alder Lake-S” CPUs Confirmed To Work With DDR5 RAM?

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