Intel’s 10th Generation S And H Series Mobility Lineup Arriving Soon To Counter AMD’s Powerful Renoir Gaming Laptop CPUs?

Right after AMD’s Renoir Mobility CPU benchmarks leaked, Intel’s counterparts for laptops have appeared on the horizon. Although Intel hasn’t confirmed or denied the existence of their 10th Generation S and H mobility CPUs, reports indicate the company is readying these processors to counter the onslaught of AMD in the laptop and notebook sectors. Simply put, buyers looking for powerful gaming laptops or high-end notebooks with exceptional features, long battery life, etc. should wait a little longer to check out both the AMD and Intel-based devices.

Intel is planning to release its 10th Generation S and H mobility CPUs for laptops and notebooks within two months. The timing appears to coincide with that of AMD. In other words, AMD is expected to release its ‘Renoir’ lineup of high-end CPUs for laptops during the same time frame. Essentially, both the companies could launch or release their competing processors to OEMs, who will, in turn, embed them in their products. Although none of the information has been corroborated by the respective processor makers, the mobile computing industry is expected to undergo a significant leap in performance this year.

Intel To Launch 10th Generation S And H Series Mobility CPUs On 14nm Or 10nm Node?

Intel has yet to offer any information on its mobility CPUs. These processors destined for laptops across multiple price ranges will surely have the recently unveiled 10th Generation Intel CPUs. However, it is still unclear what will be the Fabrication Process or more specifically the die sizes on which the upcoming Intel CPUs are based.

Intel was rumored to be considering ditching the 10nm Fabrication Process and head on directly to the 7nm process. However, recent developments and reports have laid the rumors to rest. Intel is very much on its way to fabricate 10nm CPUs. If indeed Intel’s 10th Generation S and H series mobility lineup follow the existing trend of the 10th generation mobility parts, then these processors will be based on the Sunny Cove architecture. Manufactured on the 10nm process, the new Intel mobility CPUs will have some way of competing against AMD’s Renoir CPUs.

Incidentally, AMD has long back moved its entire lineup of desktop and laptop CPUs, as well as graphics chips on the 7nm Fabrication Process. Moreover, in the mobility platform, power efficiency and economies of die-space are key factors, as against raw performance. Under such rapidly evolving and demanding space, Intel’s much older 14nm CPUs simply won’t be able to compete with AMD’s 7nm chips.

If Intel intends to retain its prowess within the laptop sector and ensure AMD doesn’t extensively erode its market share, the company would wisely deploy only 10nm S and H Series mobility CPUs. If the company does choose the newer Sunny Cove architecture, then these processors could easily and aggressively fuel the upgrade cycle within the mobility space. Such a surge in demand should help Intel substantially.

However, Intel has yet to offer any confirmed commitment to the 10nm or smaller architecture. This has significantly confused and aggravated several ancillary industries, including SSD makers, motherboard manufacturers, etc. Intel’s uncertainty has caused these companies to become a little anxious about future-proofing their products.

Intel has some tough decisions to take and that too rather quickly. On one hand, AMD’s Renoir CPUs are threatening to take over, while on the other hand, NVIDIA’s entry-level dGPUs, like the MX-series, is an attractive proposition to laptop buyers. However, if the Intel 10nm 10th Generation S And H Series Mobility CPUs are paired with Gen 12 (Xe-based) graphics, then the company could easily take on the competition.

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Intel’s 10th Generation S And H Series Mobility Lineup Arriving Soon To Counter AMD’s Powerful Renoir Gaming Laptop CPUs?

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