Intel Xe DG1 Desktop Graphics Card Spotted In Latest Benchmark Leak Confirm Entry-Level Capabilities?

The Intel Xe DG1 GPU, meant for desktop-grade graphics cards, has once again appeared online. The benchmarking result which seems to confirm Intel is readying a ‘Desktop Graphics Controller’ mentions very basic specifications of the same. The results clearly reconfirm Intel’s first-generation Xe DG1 Graphics Card will be aimed at entry-level gaming computers.

The Intel Xe branded Graphics are yet to make an official entry. There have been several mentions of the same online. Even senior Intel employees have routinely hinted at the existence and continued development of the Xe Graphics. However, there’s no confirmation about the specifications, except for a slide that indicates the markets for which Intel is readying the Xe branded Graphics. The latest benchmarking results of an ‘Intel Desktop Graphics Controller’ seem to confirm the most entry-level iteration of the Xe DG1 Graphics.

SiSoftware Benchmarking Database Mentions Intel Gen 12 Desktop Graphics Controller With 96 EU, 768 Cores And Just 3GB Onboard Memory:

The latest benchmarking results to appear on SiSoftware offer several details about the Intel’s graphics solutions. The company has hinted at the existence of the Xe branded graphics solutions on numerous occasions but hasn’t offered many details in terms of specifications and features. Still, persistent leaks do indicate Intel is preparing to enter the graphics solutions market and is going after multiple segments, including remote cloud, exascale HPC, workstation, gaming, and even desktop as well as mobility solutions.

[Image Credit: SiSoftware via VideoCardz]
The latest leak appears to confirm the specifications that were rumored ever since Intel showcased its SDV model of the DG1 graphics card. The first iteration of the Intel Xe Graphics solution, the DG1, is rumored to be based on the Intel Tiger Lake specifications. It was rumored to pack 96 Execution Units (EUs), which means it will feature about 768 cores. The leak indicates the card might have 3GB memory onboard. Needless to add, these are very low-end specifications. The information might be accurate because the graphics solutions appear to be an integrated mobile chip converted into desktop graphics.

The Intel Xe DG1 Development Vehicle platform is certainly not the one to upset either AMD or NVIDIA. Instead, the Xe DG1 appears to be meant for software developers. Using the Xe DG1, developers could be expected to gradually smoothen or facilitate Intel’s desktop graphics market entry.

According to earlier reports, the Intel Xe DG1 would feature the Xe-LP graphics core. Needless to add, this will vary substantially from Xe-HP or HPC. Moving ahead, the Intel Xe DG2 could evolve to 16 Cores per EU. Simple math will indicate this translates to around 2048 Cores. With such a specification, the Intel Xe DG2 would compete against mid-range AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

[Image Credit: VideoCardz]

Intel’s Xe Graphics Solutions To Explore Different Form-Factor?

Intel’s senior management recently commented on a huge monolithic silicon chip, hinting it was a Xe GPU. Strangely, it sported an LGA (Land Grid Array) design that is common for most desktop-grade CPUs. This suggests Intel is exploring multiple form-factors for its Xe Graphics solution.

If the LGA socket design is indeed used for Intel Xe graphics, it is unlikely that Intel would launch the GPU for gaming and consumer markets anytime soon. Incidentally, Intel has not confirmed which market segment the company will focus on in 2020.

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