Intel Will Solve Supply Issues By 2019 According to New President, Wants the Company To Take More Advisory Roles

Intel’s journey this year has been quite rough. The company lost its longtime CEO Brian Krzanich earlier this year and the hot seat was empty for quite some time until Bob Swan was appointed as an interim CEO. Well his wasn’t the only big hiring as Intel also got Mr. Kunimasa Suzuki as representative director. PC.Watch a Japanese publication got to interview Mr.Kunimasa and it really shed some light on the company’s future going ahead.

Mr.Kunimasa And His Role At Intel

Before joining Intel Mr Kunimasa had a long stint at Sony where he performed various roles over the years. He was Sony VIAO’s director, the sub-brand well known for laptops. During that time he got to work closely with the folks at Intel who had great suggestions for the product’s direction.

Mr.Suzuki had a very valid point, he stated that Intel was mainly a component manufacturer with great technical expertise, so they judged incoming technological trends better than most companies.

He left his job at Sony in April this year and then joined Intel.

Problems And Solutions

Intel is losing ground to AMD due to supply issues, this was heavily reported upon and came up in the interview as well.

Mr.Suzuki stated that demands in the PC sector rised significantly this year and this was not anticipated. Over the past few years, PC component shipments have dropped quite a bit, but this year it made a remarkable stride. Consequently Intel wasn’t able to cater to the increased demand and so supply issues were caused.

But Intel’s President further stated that huge investments were made to ramp up 14nm production. They announced investments of over 1$ Billion in existing factories in the US, Ireland and Israel. Intel plans on investing 15$ Billion as a whole during this time span.

10nm was also being worked on according to Mr.Suzuki, who then assured that supply issues were to be fixed by 2019.

Future Plans

Mr.Suzuki sees Intel not only as a manufacturing company, but also as a hub of engineering marvel and innovation. He wants Intel to grow more as a advisory company to the big tech companies.

Intel is a company that dabbles deep in tech, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company act as a trusted advisor. Maybe act as a one-stop shop for all technological solutions.

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Intel Will Solve Supply Issues By 2019 According to New President, Wants the Company To Take More Advisory Roles

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