Intel Unveils The Arc A770, Release Inbound By The 12th Of October

Intel during their on-going Innovation event have unveiled the Arc A770 flagship graphics card. This GPU will start shipping by the 12th of October and reviews will go live extremely soon as per Intel. Let us give you the basic rundown of the Arc A770.

The Arc A770

Intel’s Arc A770 features two variants, one with 16GB (Limited Edition) and the other with 8GB (AIB) of GDDR6 memory. Both come equipped with the ACM-G10 GPU. The memory bus spans across a width of 256-bits which amounts up to 560GB/s of effective bandwidth. All this powers, comes in at a relatively low TDP of 225W.

So far only the Arc A770 has been announced during Intel’s dedicated GPU segment of the event. Intel stated that in the recent years, GPUs have been on the more expensive side of things. Therefore, they have now stepped into the GPU market offering a killer price-to-performance GPU lineup. Although, one should be aware that Arc does face quite a lot of software-side issues such as the lack of performance in APIs pre-DX12.

Intel Arc A770 Performance | Intel via Videocardz


Intel’s Arc A770 has been tested and showcased by Intel various times. The theoretical performance is said to be on-par with NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 Ti, sometimes even matching the RTX 3070. While that is all fine and dandy, Intel should be well conscious of the fact that NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace based RTX 4090 is about to hit the shelves within less than 3 weeks. These GPUs can act as a starting point for Intel to iron out all mistakes before Battlemage launches.

Intel Arc A770 Internals | Intel

As for the performance metrics, Intel claimed that the Arc A770 offers an average of 65% better performance in ray-tracing than its competitors. Below we have attached both 1080p and 1440p benchmarks that Intel showed at the event. The 1440p results are taken with XeSS enabled, more on that later.

  • Arc A770 performance at 1080p against the RTX 3060

Notice how Intel did not share any data without ray-tracing, though we still know the performance will still be somewhat on par with the RTX 3060. With enough time and driver updates, it might reach RTX 3070-level since the hardware is quite capable, it’s the software that’s holding it back.


XeSS is Intel’s AI upscaling solution akin to NVIDIA’s DLSS & AMD’s FSR. Digital Foundry tested Intel’s XeSS in Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, where the results were quite impressive for a first-gen release. However, for some fair criticism, the image looks really soft as compared to even native resolution. It will be interesting to see once Arc retails how well XeSS can compete against FSR and even DLSS. 

Arc A770 vs RTX 3060 in 3DMark DirectX Ray-Tracing Feature Test | Intel

Release Date & Price

Arriving on the 12th of October, the Arc A770 will be all yours for just $329 USD. Unlike Arc’s maiden outings, this GPU is expected to be available worldwide, at least to the best of Intel’s abilities. 


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