Intel To Acquire SigOpt And Boost Its AI Business Through Modeling Optimization Specialization?

Intel Inc. has officially confirmed it is in the process of acquiring SigOpt. The San Francisco-based company specializes in the optimization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software models at scale using deep learning, machine learning, and data analytics. Intel indicated it plans to use SigOpt’s multiple solutions and algorithms across its own AI hardware products to help accelerate, amplify and scale Intel’s AI software solution offerings to developers.

In an effort to build better and more powerful chips and related architecture, Intel has mentioned it is acquiring SigOpt. The latter has built an optimization platform that can be used to run complex modeling and simulations, the two most critical applications in AI tech. Experts indicate Intel will work to integrate SigOpt’s platforms and applications within its own AI Analytics Toolkit.

Intel To Acquire SigOpt To Bolster Its Own AI Platforms That Are Embedded Inside Processors And Possibly GPUs?

Intel is confident SigOpt’s software technologies combined with Intel hardware will provide competitive advantages and differentiated value for data scientists and developers, and they complement Intel’s existing AI software portfolio. In simple words, Intel wants SigOpt and its platforms as a ready-to-embed solution within its own products. Such a method significantly cuts down on the research and development time and resources. Speaking about the acquisition, Scott Clark, SigOpt CEO and co-founder said,

We are excited to join Intel and supercharge our mission to accelerate and amplify the impact of modelers everywhere. By combining our AI optimization software with Intel’s decades-long leadership in AI computing and machine learning performance, we will be able to unlock entirely new AI capabilities for modelers.

While the exact details about the acquisition haven’t been disclosed, CEO Clark and CTO Patrick Hayes will join the Machine Learning Performance team in IAGS. It is apparent that SigOpt’s customers will now become Intel’s clients. SigOpt’s customer base includes Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries, as well as quite a few research institutions, universities, and even some consortiums.

Intel recently indicated it has begun shipping its own in-house developed Xe Graphics Solution’s first iteration, the Intel Xe DG1. However, the first iteration will obviously not be very powerful. Modern-day processors and graphics solutions require extensive support from software and algorithms to improve their performance. If Intel hopes to compete against NVIDIA or AMD in the Graphics market then the company will need some help from organizations that have been dedicatedly building optimization software and models.

Incidentally, Intel recently lost Apple Inc. as a large customer of its x86 chips. Apple Inc.’s desktop computers will soon have ARM chips instead of Intel processors. This could be one of the reasons why Intel is acquiring SigOpt. The latter’s technologies will help Intel boost its own products. Meanwhile, SigOpt’s customers could partially fill the void left by Apple.

Alap Naik Desai
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