Intel Tiger Lake Mobility 4C/8T APU With Xe ‘Iris’ iGPU OpenCL Benchmark Scores Leak Confirm Substantial Boost Over Ice Lake APUs

A laptop packing the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake Mobility APU, with possibly the Xe ‘Iris’ iGPU, has surfaced online in the form of OpenCL benchmark scores. An Acer Swift SF314-59 laptop is packing 11th-Gen 10nm+ Intel Tiger Lake-U Core i7 1165G7 CPU and an onboard or integrated GPU.

Intel Tiger Lake CPUs will succeed the Intel Ice Lake processors. They will be packing the Intel 12th-Gen Xe Mobility Graphics solution, which has been recently confirmed to carry forward the ‘Iris’ branding. The OpenCL benchmark scores confirm all the aforementioned information and a lot more about the processing power of these new generation APUs, which are based on the newly finalized 10nm Fabrication Node. These could easily offer a tough competition to AMD Renoir Ryzen 4000 Mobility CPUs with integrated Radeon Vega Graphics which are based on the ZEN 2 Architecture.

Acer Swift SF314-59 Laptop With 4C/8T Intel Tiger Lake-U Mobility APU Tested Against Microsoft Surface Book 3 With 4C/8T Ice Lake APU:

A GeekBench benchmark comparison between the Microsoft Surface Book 3 and Acer Swift SF314-59 Laptop has surfaced online. The Surface Book 3 packs a 4 Core 8 Thread Intel Core i7-1065G7 clocked at a mere 1.50 GHz. It is an Intel Ice Lake APU which comes with 11th-Gen Intel Iris Plus Mobility Graphics solution. Meanwhile, the Acer Swift SF314-59 laptop is packing the upcoming 11th-Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor which is clocked at an impressive 2.79 GHz. The APU packs the Intel 12th-Gen Xe Mobility Graphics solution.

Both the laptops are packing the same amount of RAM, which is 16GB. The similarity extends to the onboard or integrated GPU. The Acer laptop as well as the Surface Book 3 is seen featuring 6GB of VRAM. The Ice Lake CPU’s iGPU is clocked at 1.10 GHz, while the Gen12 Xe GPU is clocked at 1.30 GHz.

[Image Credit: GeekBench]
Despite the Acer Swift SF314-59 laptop featuring similar specifications, it managed a 18634 OpenCL Score. The Microsoft Surface Book 3 managed to score 11064. Simple math indicates the upcoming Intel Tiger Lake-U APUs with Intel Xe Iris onboard GPU is much better and substantially more powerful than its predecessor which is based on the 14nm Intel Ice Lake processors.

Intel 10nm+ 4C/8T 15W Tiger Lake-U 11th Gen Mobility CPU Specifications, Features:

The Intel 10nm+ 4C/8T 15W Tiger Lake-U will be a new generation of Intel Mobility CPUs will be part of the 11th Generation Core family segmented into 15W standard and 25/12W cTDPs. This particular CPU has a Base Clock Speed of 2.79 GHz and a Boost Clock Speed of up to 4.30 GHz. The CPU also carries 12 MB of L3 cache and 1.25 MB of L2 cache according to the Geekbench listing.

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The Intel Tiger Lake CPUs will have the new Willow Cove cores replacing Sunny Cove cores, which are currently featured on Ice Lake processors. Combined with increased cache, new transistor-level optimizations, and enhanced security features, these new Intel mobility CPUs will also pack the new Xe Iris iGPUs. These improvements should collectively help deliver a 2x increase in performance over the Gen 11 iGPU featured currently on Ice Lake chips.

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Intel Tiger Lake Mobility 4C/8T APU With Xe ‘Iris’ iGPU OpenCL Benchmark Scores Leak Confirm Substantial Boost Over Ice Lake APUs

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