Intel Tiger Lake-H35 CPUs Announced for ‘ultra-portable gaming devices’

Intel has officially announced its 11th-Gen Tiger Lake-H35 Series of CPUs. These are intended for “ultra-portable gaming devices”. While the name might hint at a smartphone or a tablet, these new Intel CPUs will power gaming laptops. However, these portable computers should be slim and light, and be able to multi-task.

Intel is offering its 11th-Gen Tiger Lake-H series of processors for enthusiast-level gaming laptops. Intel appears to be offering capable mobile computing CPUs that could power multi-service devices. According to Intel’s own words, these CPUs will be inside a sleek lifestyle device for work, school, everyday tasks, and gaming.

Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H35 Series CPUs Build On 11th Gen Intel Core U-Series Processors:

The top-end CPUs in the Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H35 Series belong to the Intel Core i7-11375H Special Edition processors. They benefit from the Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0. Simply put, these processors are capable of delivering up to 5GHz Turbo frequencies.

Intel is offering a Special Edition mark to differentiate these powerful processors. The mark indicates the CPUs are finetuned for gaming and other processes. Intel explains ‘Ultraportable Gaming’ systems are essentially portable and offer gaming performance.

These new CPUs offer the latest PCIe Gen 4 technology which is connected right to the CPU. This aspect gives the currently highest possible bandwidth connection to the latest discrete graphics cards. The Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H35 Series CPUs leverage a multichip SOC package. This saves space, and technically allows OEMs to build slimmer portable computing devices.

Besides the PCIe Gen 4, the Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H35 Series CPUs have support for Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E. Intel is promising Wi-Fi gaming with superior connectivity speed, latency, and reliability across new 6 GHz radio frequencies. The new Wi-Fi Standard should be relatively free of legacy Wi-Fi interference.

Besides Gaming, the Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H35 Series CPUs Are Better At Business And Multimedia Editing Tasks As Well?

Intel is also bundling its Killer Prioritization Engine that promises gaming and real-time network traffic are prioritized for optimized performance. These new CPUs also benefit from Intel’s built-in AI acceleration. Intel’s AI solutions promise more immersive collaboration, with neural noise suppression and even video super-resolution for professional video calls in any environment.

Additionally, these CPUs should allow for faster photo and video editing capabilities. Laptops with Intel 11th Generation Tiger Lake-H35 Series CPUs will most likely have Thunderbolt 4 port, which is capable of speeds up to 40 Gbps. Users can use the same to get a reliable cable solution to any dock, display, or data device.

Be it Thunderbolt docks, color-accurate monitors, removable storage, the Thunderbolt docks offer low latency audio interfaces and faster storage. Multimedia editors and streamers can record, edit and share videos, screenshots, and live streams on social media platforms. Laptops with these new CPUs would benefit from Intel’s Optane memory H20 solid-state storage media.

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