Intel Tiger Lake-H First Laptop Spotted With 11th-Gen CPU And Gen12 Iris GPU

After a laptop with APU from the AMD Ryzen 5000 Series of processors was spotted recently, a laptop with Intel’s 11th-Gen Tiger Lake APU has surfaced online. The laptop with Intel’s first Tiger Lake-H CPU has shown up in the UserBenchmark list and seems to be a prototype being used to test and finetune the processor.

Intel’s Tiger Lake is the company’s 11th generation of processors. They are supposed to be one of the biggest evolutionary leaps for the company. The 11th-Gen CPU lineup is expected to bring powerful performance to the laptop, notebook, and portable computing segment. This generation is expected to bring with it a new chip architecture and several new features.

Intel Tiger Lake-H High-Performance Notebook APU Spotted Running With 8 Cores and 16 Threads:

Intel is expected to announce its 11th generation of mobile computing solutions, the Tiger Lake APUs early next year. The new generation will reportedly offer greater CPU and GPU performance, scalability for different workloads, increased memory and fabric efficiency, advances in security, and many more consumer-centric features. Now the first laptop with the powerful chips has appeared online in the form of a benchmark listing.

The Intel Tiger Lake-H CPU that was spotted packs 8 Cores and 16 Threads. It features a Base Clock of 3.10 GHz and a Boost Clock of 2.75 GHz (average) across all cores. Based on previous reports, Tiger Lake CPUs will have 24 MB of L3 and 10 MB of the L2 cache. The processor will feature an Intel UHD Graphics chip. The Tiger Lake-H APUs with 45W TDP will have a graphics solution with 96EUs, while the 35W TDP APUs will have a graphics chip with 32 EUs.

The Intel Tiger Lake-H CPU was spotted running on an Intel test board platform. While the motherboard appears to be a standard variant, the APU is clearly an Engineering Sample. Incidentally, Intel has confirmed the Tiger Lake-H High-Performance for the notebooks will be unveiled in the first half of 2021. These CPUs will max out at 8 Cores and 16 Threads. The Tiger Lake-U family clocks up to 4.8 GHz so 5.0 GHz. This means the Tiger Lake-H CPUs will certainly have higher clock speeds.

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The high-performance mobility computing Intel Tiger Lake-H lineup is based on the 10nm fabrication process. The top-end chips will consist of 8 core and 16 threads which will be based on the new Willow Cove architecture. The CPUs would pack up to 34 MB of cache which is divided as 24 MB L3 (3 MB L3 per core) and 10 MB L2 (1.25 MB per core). These processors will come with an asymmetrical 48/32 KB L1 cache and will fully support AVX2 and AVX-512 instructions. Tiger Lake-H CPUs would additionally feature Two-Level Memory (2LM) and SGX (Software Guard Extensions). Intel’s Tiger Lake-H family would support DDR4 speeds up to 3200 MHz.

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Intel Tiger Lake-H First Laptop Spotted With 11th-Gen CPU And Gen12 Iris GPU

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