Intel Sapphire Rapids Based 8468 Tested, On Par With the Fastest Milan CPU From AMD

Intel’s Xeon Sapphire Rapids series is part of their HEDT server lineup aimed at AMD’s Milan. However, due to various delays, ‘Sapphire Rapids‘ has been pushed back to 2023 and AMD’s Milan is already seeing its successor, Genoa coming sometime this year. Making matters worse for Intel, the Genoa-X CPUs are planned for 2023 as well. You can read more about this here.

Xeon 8468

Over at Geekbench5, the Sapphire Rapids based Xeon 8468 was spotted. The CPU typically features 48 cores / 96 threads, however, since a dual-socket configuration was used the core/thread count is doubled (96/192). The test was conducted in the Linux OS, so the results may differ slightly on the Windows platform. The cache numbers are impressive standing at 105MB of L3 along with 48×2 (96MB) of L2 cache.

The CPU score 1253 points in the single core testing, whereas the multi core score is at 74853 points

Xeon Platinum 8468 in Geekbench5 | Geekbench5

To put that into perspective, we compiled a relative performance chart. As compared to the Milan EPYC 7763, the 8468 is slightly faster in single core performance. 

Intel Sapphire Rapids Geekbench5 Comparison

Similarly, the multi-core score in a dual socket configuration is higher than the fastest Milan CPU. So it seems that Intel has delivered, although, for the consumer market it may not mean much.


Intel Sapphire Rapids Geekbench5 Comparison

Intel’s Position In the Server Market

AMD still has the lead in both efficiency and performance numbers. However, Intel’s silicon is not far behind. This has happened before with Intel’s 14nm process node, but we have seen team blue claw their way back into the market. Alder Lake took the industry by surprise and the upcoming Raptor Lake improves on Intel’s previous mistakes.

It may take Intel a while, although we have seen them pull a rabbit out of the hat before. On the contrary, both companies are almost neck to neck in the desktop segment of the market with their next-Gen offerings. The truth is that, there is no victor in such a fierce industry. One year, we will see the best from Intel which is outclassed by AMD the next year.


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