Intel Revamps Its Logos For 2021 Processors Featuring “big.SMALL” Core Technology

Team blue or simply put, Intel, would be pushing out new logos for its upcoming processors. It is long due that the company should be going for a new approach to counter team red. In the budget department, AMD is actually pushing a much better price-to-performance ratio than Intel. Not to mention, Ryzen availability as compared to Intel processors is much better. We can even see Ryzen 4000 series processors in laptops now doing much better at a more reasonable cost.

Intel has planned to introduce a new set of processors in the upcoming year. In order to master the smaller architecture, the company would be going for a hybrid processor with both big and small cores. Now, according to an article from, the company is rebranding its logos to fit the new approach they would take. While the logos for the i7 and i9 have yet not surfaced, the Intel logo for i3 & i5 Evo processors and some other logos have. These show the Intel is paying homage to the new big.SMALL approach with its cores. The new set of logos can be seen below

New Set of Intel Logos –

As you can see, all the logos showcase a bigger core and in that a smaller one. This is especially the case with the i5. Here we can actually see the big.SMALL core approach is depicted. According to the article, Intel is set to drop these new processors sometime in the second quarter of 2021 with the “Alder Lake”. While we have a long way to go, we can see that this new “rebranding” may do it well. It is hard to say at this point though.

Sarmad Burki
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