Intel Reconfirms Xe DG2 GPU And Adds It Is Being Readied With 128 and 512 Execution Units?

Intel appears to have reconfirmed the existence of the Intel Xe DG2 GPU. The company had earlier indicated that its gaming-oriented discrete Xe-HPG series of GPUs will arrive this year. Hence the company is obviously deep in the development of the second-generation in-house developed GPU.

Intel has long hinted at its Intel Xe DG2 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The company has regularly mentioned how the Xe DG1 or Intel Iris Xe MAX GPU is just the beginning, and the XE DG2 would be the company’s more powerful second-generation SKU.

Intel’s Latest GPU Driver Clearly Mentions Two Variants Of Intel Xe DG2 GPUs With 128 and 512 Execution Units:

Intel has released its latest drivers for the Intel Graphics Solutions. The latest GPU driver from Intel is version 100.9126. One of the files inside the package has lines referring to two DG2 Device IDs. Although commented to prevent them from actually doing anything, the lines essentially confirm the configuration of the upcoming Intel Xe DG2 GPUs.

The first line mentions “DG2 128 SKU”. This clearly refers to the Intel Xe DG2 GPU with 128 Execution Units. Simple math indicates this GPU will have 1028 Shading Units. Similarly, another line mentions “DG2 512 SKU”. This refers to Intel Xe DG2 GPU with 512 Execution Units, which means this GPU will have 4096 Cores or Shading Units.

Incidentally, both the Device IDs have been previously known. The Intel Graphics System Firmware Update Library (IGSC FUL) had already listed DG2 (Xe-HPG), Arctic Sound (Xe-HP ATS), and Ponte Vecchio (Xe-HPC PVC) IDs.

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When Will Intel Xe DG2 GPU Arrive?

The Intel Xe DG2 GPUs are reportedly based on the Xe-HPG architecture. Intel is claiming these GPUs are meant for gaming. However, with the Shading Units, it is difficult to ascertain the true power of these GPUs, unless Intel offers some demonstrations.

Last month, the 128 EU SKU of the DG2 GPU was discovered on the Geekbench benchmark website. However, the scores were quite low and indicated it was an early-stage Engineering Sample or prototype. The scores were even lower than the integrated Xe-LP graphics featuring fewer EUs.

Intel is relying on an unknown third-party manufacturer to make its second-generation Intel Xe DG2 GPUs. The company is silent, but the most obvious supplier is Taiwan TSMC. Moreover, experts claim TSMC might have reserved the 6nm Fabrication Process for the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPUs.

A leaked datasheet posted by Uniko’s Hardware indicated Intel’s upcoming Xe DG2 GPU is being planned for the upcoming high-end gaming notebooks. This might offer some indication about the possible arrival of Intel Xe DG2 GPUs for consumers.

Intel’s Tiger Lake-H CPUs should arrive in the second quarter of this year. It is expected that Intel will bundle the Intel Xe-HPG DG2 GPUs with these 10nm Willow Cove Cores-based CPU. The combination of 8 Cores, 16 Threads, High Boost Clocks, and the Xe-HPG DG2 GPUs should make these CPUs attractive to laptop gamers when compared against ZEN 3-based AMD’s Cezanne-H Lineup.

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