Intel ‘Ponte Vecchio’ 7nm GPU Revealed In ‘Working’ Filing In The EEC Registry Indicating Final Stage Development Of Graphics Card?

Intel appears to be actively developing its premium variant of GPU, the ‘Ponte Vecchio’. The high-end GPU based on the 7nm Fabrication Node is expected to debut next year, and if the recently made regulatory filing is to be believed, the GPU is already in its fifth iteration.

Intel’s ‘Ponte Vecchio’ 7nm GPU may have entered the Alpha testing phase. An EEC filing seems to imply that the GPU is already in its fifth version, at least in internal development. The EEC filing is classified as ‘Working’ which could indicate that Intel’s GPU is still under early prototype stage, and the final commercial-grade or enterprise-grade variant could be significantly different.

Multiple Variant Of Intel’s 7nm ‘Ponte Vecchio’ GPU Spotted In ‘Working’ EEC Filing:

The EEC filing clearly mentions Ponte Vecchio and then includes the abbreviation GAP followed by version numbers. Based on the filing, it appears Intel started with a Pre-Alpha version of Ponte Vecchio then steadily increase from GAP “V2” all the way up to GAP “V5”. Hence it appears there are four iterations of the high-end GPU, which are Pre-Alpha, GAPV2, GAPV3, GAPV4, and GAPV5, from the pre-alpha prototype.

The abbreviation GAPV could stand for Graphics, Alpha, Ponte Vecchio, which is followed by the version. Hence GAPV5 could mean the fifth iteration of the alpha variant of Ponte Vecchio GPU. The EEC filing mentions the following details of each variant of the Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU:

Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU Filing 1:

“Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (Pre-Alpha), GAPV3KI2TC; Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (Pre-Alpha), GAPV4KI2TC; Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (Pre-Alpha), GAPV5KE2TC;”

Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU Filing 2:

“Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (Pre-Alpha), GAPV2KE2TP; Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (Pre-Alpha), GAPV4KI2TP; Graphics card Ponte Vecchio RVP AIC (Pre-Alpha), GAPV5KE2TP;”

Intel Ponte Vecchio GPU Filing 3:

Ponte Vecchio Si Upgrade Kit (Pre-Alpha), GAPV2KE2TP; Ponte Vecchio Si Upgrade Kit (Alpha), GAPV3KE2TA; Ponte Vecchio Si Upgrade Kit (Qual Internal), GAPV3KI2TQ; Ponte Vecchio Si Upgrade Kit (Qual External), GAPV3KE2TQ;

Intel Readying 7nm ‘Ponte Vecchio’ As Enterprise-Grade GPU For Supercomputers?

The Ponte Vecchio is the enterprise-class GPU that Intel is reportedly developing primarily for exascale supercomputers. The GPU is believed to be the successor of the current Xe HP line. According to previous reports, about six Ponte Vecchio GPUs will be utilized in an upcoming exascale supercomputer called Aurora. These enterprise-class GPUs will be working with two Sapphire Rapids Xeon processors.

Inside the Aurora exascale supercomputer, the Intel Ponte Vecchio GPUs will be connected using CXL (Compute Express Link) with an OneAPI software stack. It is interesting to note that despite the Ponte Vecchio not being a gaming optimized GPU, it will pack ultra-high cache and run on HBM (High Bandwidth Memory).

The Ponte Vecchio was traditionally targeted directly at the Data Center workloads. Intel had previously implied that it would be ready with a commercially viable product in the fourth quarter of next year. Interestingly Ponte Vecchio is referred to as an AIC or Add-In Card. This means these cards are being designed with ease of installation and replacement. Perhaps with a little bit of tweaking, the Intel’s 7nm Ponte Vecchio GPU could support remote, cloud-based game streaming data centers.

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