Intel Puts an End to the Optane Memory Business

Recently, Intel announced along with its Q2 2022 earnings that it will be discontinuing the Intel Optane Memory effectively killing the business.

“We continue to rationalize our portfolio in support of our IDM 2.0 strategy. This includes evaluating divesting businesses that are either not sufficiently profitable or not core to our strategic objectives. After careful consideration, Intel plans to cease future product development within its Optane business. We are committed to supporting Optane customers through the transition.”

~ Intel to Tom’s Hardware

Well, what is Intel Optane you may ask? Intel Optane can be considered as a storage device equivalent to your RAM, while being non-volatile (It retains data even after the power is cut off). Basically, it acts as a cache device that stores your frequently used files such as , OS files, Game save files etc on its memory and uses its blazing fast speeds to deliver it to the CPU. This can turn your old mechanical hard drive, into an SSHD.

Is it any better than an SSD?”, not exactly, but in some cases it is better. See the thing with SSDs is that they deliver high speed transfer for all the data stored on that drive. However, Intel’s Optane memory is limited (16GB/32GB) thus only a few important and commonly accessed files are stored there. As for the pricing, it costs just $700 for the 128GB version. 

Intel has been secretive regarding the actual confirmation of Optane shutting down. The non-GAAP adjustment table for the Q2 earnings verifies this news,

non-GAAP table verification of Intel Optane shuttin down | Intel

Marking an end to this business, Intel will be writting off $559 million in inventory impairment due to the shut down. 

Abdullah Faisal
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