Intel NUC 8 Home Mini Is Powered By The Core i3-8121U And AMD Graphics

Plenty Of Storage Options

The Intel NUC 8 Home Mini has been announced and it is a small yet powerful device for your home. It is powered by the Intel Core i3-8121U CPU that was thought to be based on the 10nm Cannon Lake architecture but has now been confirmed to be based on the 14nm process, so it is nothing new but it is still a low powered chip.

Other than that the Intel NUC 8 Home Mini comes with AMD Radeon 540 graphics with  2G of GDDR5 memory. This cannot be seen as a gaming PC but then again it is not marketed as a gaming device but a home device instead. Keeping that in mind, it will be able to play some light games at decent settings but you should not expect too much from the Intel NUC 8 Home Mini.

Intel NUC 8 Home Mini
Intel NUC 8 Home Mini

Talking about the storage options you can configure a 1 TB hard drive with the system and you can also install an M.2 SSD. Intel recommends that you use the Intel Optane memory for the system, which is pretty cheap and will increase the speed of even traditional hard drives.  If the CPU  is not powerful enough for you then there are other options that are worth looking into.  The i3-8109U version is priced at $299, the i5-8259U is priced at $399, and the i7-8559U is priced at $499. So there are plenty of options to choose from.

Something that you need to keep in mind is that for the price you get the power supply, the chassis, the processor and the motherboard. You will need to buy memory and storage separately which will add to the cost. If you are interested in getting the Intel NUC 8 Home Mini, then this is something that you need to keep in mind.

The i7-8559U version is new and is worth mentioning. The chip comes with Iris Plus 655 enhanced graphics and 48 execution units. The CPU has a base clock of 1.2 GHz which might not sound like much as compared to desktop CPUs but then again this is a mini PC. Other than that the CPU is able to output 4K video but I doubt that you will be able to do much at 4K besides video streaming.

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Intel NUC 8 Home Mini Is Powered By The Core i3-8121U And AMD Graphics

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