Intel’s NUC 12 Serpent Canyon Spotted in Early Listings, Features the Arc A770M, A730 and A550M

The specifications for Intel’s upcoming NUC 12 have shown up, featuring Alder Lake CPUs and Intel’s own discrete graphics solution.

Intel’s NUC product lineup consists of small form factor desktops cosplaying as mini PCs. They are useful for those requiring a not so bulky system which can be carried here and there, although while providing sufficient performance. 

Intel’s NUC 12 is the next iteration in this series which, as expected features Intel’s 12th gen Alder Lake CPUs. As of now, only the NUC 12 Extreme has surfaced having a 12th gen CPU from Intel and support for a full-sized GPU. This may utilize Intel’s own Arc A series. Such a claim is proven by the fact that since Arc has been delayed (Although still confirmed), so have these NUCs from Intel.

Recently, we came across Intel’s ‘Alder County” shipping with an i7-12700H CPU along with Intel’s own Arc A550M or A730M GPU. This is a major step forward as Intel finally decided to move away from NVIDIA by using its own Arc GPUs. 

Then we meet the NUC 12 Serpent Canyon powered by Intel’s i7-12700H and Intel’s ACM-G10 GPU. According to the listing, these NUCs will arrive in 3 flavours (A550M, A730M and A770M).

Intel’s NUC 12 Serpent Canyon Listing | provantage

The pricing ranges from $1,041$1,470, depending on the variant you purchase. The lower end variant ships with an i5 12th gen CPU, whereas all NUCs priced higher feature Intel’s i7 12th gen. The pricing may be subject to change, however. These NUCs may be closer than ever because listings pop up a few weeks prior to the actual product launch rather than months before.


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