Intel Next-Gen Rocket Lake-S Top-End Core i9 Engineering Sample Test Leaks Online

Even though Intel’s 10th-Gen CPUs are still new, the company is already deep in the testing of the 11th-Gen Rocket Lake CPUs. These are expected to arrive late next year, but an Engineering Sample of Intel Core i9-11900 has leaked online.

The leak is in the form of CPU-Z software information which offers and confirms several pieces of information about the Intel next-gen Rocket Lake-S Core i9 CPU. Interestingly, a similar Engineering Sample of an unknown and unreleased Intel CPU had leaked this week. It appears both the leaks belong to the sample Intel Core i9-11900 SKU.

Intel Core i9-11900 CPU ES Specifications and Test Results Leak Online In CPU-Z?

An engineering sample, allegedly belonging to the Rocket Lake-S Core processor family, has been tested with CPU-Z software. The sample is clearly an early-stage and hence, its clock speed should not correspond to the retail unit that will go on sale next year. In other words, buyers can expect a much higher Base Clock, Boost Clock, and in the case of Core i9 CPUs, even Thermal Velocity Boost or Turbo Boost Max 3.0 frequency.

The alleged Intel Core i9-11900 CPU ES has 8 Cores and 16 Threads. It seems to have a Base Clock of just 1.8 GHz. Multi-Core Turbo can reach 3.8 GHz, and a 4.4 GHz single-core turbo frequency. It is not immediately clear if the 4.45 GHz frequency is the highest frequency that corresponds to the speed of the Thermal Velocity Boost or rather Turbo Boost Max 3.0 frequency. The leaked CPU-Z image of the alleged Intel Core i9-11900 CPU ES indicates it is a 65W CPU.

The leak further indicates that the alleged Intel Core i9-11900 CPU ES was tested on an MSI Z490I motherboard. This is a Mini-ITX form factor motherboard with an LGA1200 socket. Incidentally, both the 11th Gen Core and 10th Gen Core processors series support this socket and motherboard series. However, according to the message posted by the leaker, the current BIOS does not support integrated Xe Graphics, which is a new feature for Rocket Lake-S processors.

[Image Credit: Videocardz]
An earlier report suggested the alleged Intel Core i9-11900 CPU ES managed to score 582 points in a single-threaded test that the CPU-Z software has. This score is quite close to the 10th-Gen Core i9-10900K. However, this Engineering Sample scored 5262 points in the multi-thread test, which is slower than Intel Core i7-10700. The latter manages to score 5435 points in the same test.

It is important to note that the test sample is clearly an early-stage prototype. In other words, the scores of retail units of the Intel Core i9-11900 CPU should be a lot higher.

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Intel Next-Gen Rocket Lake-S Top-End Core i9 Engineering Sample Test Leaks Online

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