Intel May Unveil Comet Lake Processors Soon: Gigabyte 400 series Motherboards Leak Thanks To EEC Listings

Since the start of the year, AMD has been pushing Intel’s offerings behind. Intel has nothing to compete with AMD in the enterprise market. If we talk about the consumer market, AMD has finally caught up on the peak single-core performance that Intel offers. They were already ahead in multi-core performance because of the presence of many cores. Intel has unveiled many new series including their new Ice Lake CPUs based on their stabilized 10nm architecture. We are still awaiting their availability. However, we may see another batch of CPUs from Intel in the near future.

The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) database has the information regarding the unreleased Gigabyte 400 series motherboards for Intel’s Comet Lake processors. According to Tomshardware EEC database has become one of the most reliable sources of leaks and rumors. Comet Lake should be another revamp of the old 14nm manufacturing process. On the other hand, AMD will unveil their flagship 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X in this month. It should be noted that the leaks regarding the processors mentioned above show better single-core performance compared to the Intel Core i9 processors.

With the new batch of processors, Intel will shift to the LGA 1200 socket. Another bad news for Intel fans who would want to upgrade to the new family of processors as they would have to spare cash for the new motherboards too.

This time around the motherboards will seemingly sport the 400 series batch, and Intel will release multiple chipsets for different market segments. The EEC listing batch mentions B460, H410, H470, Q470 and Z490 chipsets. Naturally, the Z490 chipset will be for the flagship processors, and it will come with all bells and whistles up its sleeves. Interestingly, there is no mention of the Z470 chipset. Intel may entirely skip the 470 chipset for this generation, or we may see it down the road. Most of these motherboards will follow the Micro-ATX form factor. The expected release of the new batch of processors is Q1 2020.

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Intel May Unveil Comet Lake Processors Soon: Gigabyte 400 series Motherboards Leak Thanks To EEC Listings

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