Intel Ice Lake-SP 10nm 24C/48T Xeon CPU On Next-Gen Whitley Platform With Sunny Cove Core Design Leaks Online?

The Intel’s next-gen CPUs, based on the recently perfected 10nm Fabrication Node, are slowly appearing online. Intel hasn’t officially acknowledged, let alone launch, the new 10th generation 10-nanometer Ice Lake-SP Xeon processors. However, a new CPU has appeared online which has several of the key identifying aspects of the first high-performance 10nm processors from Intel.

A new leak, in the form of Geekbench Scores, claims to offer some new information about the long-rumored Intel’s Whitley platform which is set to replace Purley Platform that runs on Skylake Architecture. The next-gen 10nm CPUs are expected to be announced before the current year ends.

New Geekbench And SiSoftware Leak Confirm Intel Ice Lake-SP 10nm 24C/48T Xeon CPU?

The leaked CPU features 24 Cores and 48 Threads. The CPU packs 1.25 MB of L2 cache per core. The previous generation Skylake-SP had 1MB. In other words, it is a 25 percent increase compared to Skylake-SP. This CPU is clocked relatively low at 2.2 GHz but in the boost mode the CPU goes up to 2.9 GHz. Needless to add, these tests could belong to an Engineering Sample and hence the clock-speeds are a little low.

All three Geekbench runs had similar scores, and evidently are a little bit higher than a previous Ice Lake-SP leak, which was reported to be a 12 Core, 24 Thread CPU. Incidentally, the exact same processor also came up in SiSoftware SANDRA’s database. The details are minimal, but it shows the same number of cores and threads, as well as the same cache arrangement and clocks. This strongly indicates Intel has begun to put the next-gen 10nm CPU through its paces for finetuning purposes.

The mystery Intel 10nm processor was tested on the C621 motherboard. The same can be confirmed by looking at the earlier CPU-Z leak. It is listed in the CPU-Z leak under ‘South Bridge’. This is the same chipset in ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme, AORUS C621 Xtreme and EVGA SR-3 Dark. Incidentally, these motherboards only supported Xeon W-3275 series.

Intel’s current top-end CPU from the 14nm Xeon family for servers features 18 Cores for the HEDT platform and 28 Cores for Scalable Xeon series. Apart from the mystery CPU, Intel is also reportedly readying a batch of Cooper Lake-SP processors. These will launch alongside Intel’s 4-socket Cedar Island platform. They will have support for 6-channel DDR4-2933 memory. Simple math indicates this translates to 3TB per socket. Strangely, Intel’s Cooper Lake-SP is yet another iteration of the archaic 14nm Fabrication technique, but Intel is still pushing the same for high-performance scalable Xeon setups.


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