Intel i5-13600K and i7-13700K QS Tested, Performance is Up To 40% Faster than Alder Lake

Recently, in a video on bilibili EP Ultimate Player Hall tested the i5-13600K and the i7-13700K QS (Qualification Samples).

All Raptor Lake K-SKUs were leaked a few days ago along with their benchmarks, however, those were ES (Engineering Samples) that underwent further optimizations and now have evolved to the QS (Qualification Samples). You can find more about them here:

Various tests were conducted using DDR4 and DDR5 memory. The test bench features an ASROCK Z690 Motherboard (DDR4+DDR5) along with 32GB of DDR4 and DDR5 RAM (in a 16×2 configuration). For reference purposes, the i5-12600K and the i7-12600KF were also included in the tests.

As you can probably see below, the benchmarker apparently had a lot of time due to the amount of these tests. The i7-13700K from Raptor Lake features 16 cores (8p+8e) / 24 threads. In contrast, the i5-13600K ships with 14 cores (6p+8e) / 20 threads. The Gracemont cores (Efficient cores) have been doubled this time as compared to Alder Lake.

Starting off, with CPU-Z, the i7-12700KF scores 797.2 points with DDR4 memory which is then decreased to 794.6 points on using DDR5 memory. This has happened in many single core tests before so it is no surprise that it was bound to happen here aswell. In comparison, Raptor Lake’s i7-13700K comfortably scores nearly 10% higher than Alder Lake.

In the multi threaded category, things start to look real bad for AMD because Raptor Lake gives itself a massive boost by boasting a gigantic 33% net lead over Alder Lake.

CPU-Z Benchmark of the i7-12700KF and the i7-13700K | bilibili

Moving onto the i5-12600K in the CPU-Z single threaded benchmark, the DDR4 and DDR5 systems with the Alder Lake i5 score a decent 787.7 and 789.6 comfortably. Only to be taken over the new i5-13600K by around 5%. Do note that the i5 drops Raptor Lake’s overall lead in single core tests.

However, to make up for the drop in single core performance, the i5-13600K gives a final blow to Alder Lake by having a massive lead of 40% in multi-threaded benchmarks. This goes to show that smaller, more efficient (or baby cores as I like to call them) really do increase performance in multi threaded tasks.

CPU-Z Benchmark of the i5-12600K and the i5-13600K |
CPU-Z Benchmark of the i5-12600K and the i5-13600K | bilibili

GeekBench has been previously tested with all the K-SKUs from Raptor Lake. In these tests, Raptor Lake has a lead of around ~8.5% in single core testing which jumps to ~23% in multi core tests.

Geekbench Benchmark of the i7-12700KF and the i7-13700K | bilibili

The i5 variant of Raptor Lake has a pattern of a lower lead against Alder Lake, showing improvements of around 6% in single core tests. However, multi core is the main selling point of Raptor Lake where the i5 shines the most, presenting a massive 25% performance lead.

Geekbench Benchmark of the i5-12600K and the i5-13600K | bilibili

So there is a massive gain in performance, but at what cost? The cost of power consumption! The i5 from Raptor Lake consumes a massive 20% more power whereas its i7 counterpart consumes a whopping 30% more as compared to their Alder Lake equivalents.

Raptor Lake vs Alder Lake power consumption | bilibili

On using AIDA64, with the power limit removed, the i7-13700K consumes 300W of power. Yes 300W! And about the temperatures? They are a comfortable 15% above the boiling point of water (115*C). Most CPUs will shut down at around 95-100*C. It is to be noted that the CPU is heavily overclocked as it is running near 1.5V.

AIDA64 Test of i7-13700K | 9550pro
9550pro combined all the results into one single picture and it tells quite a lot about the theoretical performance/ gains of Raptor Lake against Alder Lake.

Intel’s new Raptor Lake CPUs are expected to be announced on 28th September, 2022 whereas some leaks point towards an official launch date of 17th October, 2022. The multi core performance in particular of Raptor Lake seems interesting and we will have to see how well can Zen 4 take on Intel’s full wrath this year.

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