Intel Has Begun Shipping Its Own Xe DG1 GPU With DG2 Already In Final Stages Of Testing?

The Intel Xe DG1 GPU has not only hit mass production but also begun shipping out, indicated a slide from the company’s presentation. Moreover, the second generation of Intel’s own graphics solution, the Intel Xe DG2 GPU is already in the final stages of testing and development.

Intel has long been teasing the existence of its own Xe-based graphics solution. Many skeptics doubted the pace and claimed Intel was merely experimenting. However, proving the skeptics wrong, Intel indicated it has begun shipping the Xe DG1 GPU to Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and most likely to other volume buyers. Intel additionally indicated that the second generation of the Xe-based GPU, the Intel Xe DG2, is on schedule for commercial production.

Intel Xe DG1 Shipping Out In Volume While DG2 Based On Xe HPG Taped Out And Powered On:

The mainstream, consumer and even commercial GPU industry has always been dominated by two companies, AMD and NVIDIA. Hence, when Intel claimed it was developing its own discrete GPU, the company was met with consistent doubt and disbelief. Rumors routinely claimed Intel’s discrete GPU program was shuttered and DG1 would never be coming out in a discrete GPU format. However, Intel kept on hinting at the development of the Xe line of GPUs.

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Now Intel has announced that it is already shipping DG1 in volume. Previous reports indicate there are several iterations of the Xe Graphics solutions, which will cater to different industries and their requirements. For reasons unknown, Intel chose to mention this important milestone as a single sentence in the investor presentation. The company not only mentioned the Intel DG1 is shipping in volume but also added that the Intel Xe DG2 is on its way.

Intel also clarified that DG2 is not just a successor to DG1 and based on Xe LP architecture. Instead, the Xe DG2 will be a much powerful GPU featuring the Xe HPG architecture. This was expected because DG1 was always supposed to be an experiment for the company before it truly starts scaling up its efforts. Since Xe HPG will be manufactured on TSMC’s process it should not be affected by Intel’s own manufacturing struggles.

Intel Xe DG2 HPG GPU To 960 EUs With GDDR6 Memory And Launch Next Year?

Intel has merely indicated that the second generation of the Xe-based graphics solution, the Intel Xe DG2 is being actively tested. The company hasn’t offered any information about the same. However, it is quite likely that the GPU is going to be much more powerful than the first generation Xe DG1. According to a now-deleted Tweet from a tipster, Intel’s Xe HPG could have 960 EUs instead of the expected 512 EUs for the top-end model. If the claims are accurate, this will increase the expected core count from 4096 to 7680 and also significantly increase the card’s expected TFLOP rating.

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Intel has consistently hinted that the subsequent generations of the Xe GPUs would consist of multiple tiles with an increasing number of Execution Units (EU). The Xe HPG was previously reported to have 512 EUs. But the new claims indicate Intel might opt for binned versions of a 2-tile concept instead of a single-tile design. Each tile with 430 EUs would indicate a binned die from Xe HP.

In case Intel does launch the Intel Xe DG2 GPU next year, the company could pack either 6GB or 8GB of VRAM. Such an amount of graphics memory seems in line with Intel’s reported intentions of going after entry-level gamers or enthusiasts. With Intel’s resources, the company could easily grab market share by flooding the market with affordable Graphics Cards.

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