Intel Graphics Driver v24.20.100.6229 brings Visual Improvements for Dell HDR Range

Intel has just released an update of its graphics driver. The update, version, is said to bring optimizations and playability improvements to Windows 10 devices. These improvements are geared particularly for World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth and The Walking Dead: The Final Season playback as well with the driver taking up namesakes for these featured improvements as outlined in Intel’s release notes.

The release notes published on Intel’s website outline that the update brings visual improvements on Dell’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) display range. Security bug fixes and resolutions have also been incorporated although the details of which particular security vulnerabilities were targeted and fixed is not released. In addition to this, the updated driver includes support for SPIR-V and the Vulkan Extensions: SPV_EXT_descriptor_indexing and VK_EXT_descriptor_indexing.

This release targets three Windows 10 variant operating systems. It is made for the Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit Creators update, the Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit Fall Creators update, and the Microsoft Windows 10 64 bit April 2018 update. The driver supports the Intel (R) UHD Graphics, Intel (R) HD Graphics, and the Intel (R) Iris (R) Plus Graphics products.

The driver is designed for five processing platforms. The first is the 6th generation Intel (R) Core (TM) processor family which goes by the name Skylake. The second is the 7th generation Intel (R) Core (TM) processor family which goes by the name Kaby Lake. The third targeted platform is the currently most trending 8th generation Intel (R) Core (TM) processor family which goes by the names Kaby Lake R and Coffee Lake. In addition to these, the Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake platforms are also supported.

To update your graphics driver, you can download the updated Intel Graphics driver version from the Intel website’s download center. Once the download has completed, you must unzip the folder and install the driver using the .exe file provided.

Aaron Michael
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