Intel Flagship Core i9-11900K 8C/16T CPU Benchmark Result Enters Into PassMark Ranking Indicating Fastest Single Thread CPU Speed

The Intel Core i9-11900K is the top-end flagship CPU from the 11th Gen Core Series. The premium CPU from Intel has officially entered the PassMark ranking. The benchmark results are partial, but they indicate that the Intel Core i9-11900K has the fastest single-threaded speed, for now.

The upcoming Intel Core i9-11900K belongs to the 11th Gen Core i9 series. It is fabricated on the 10nm Node and is based on the Cypress Cove core architecture. The CPU’s single benchmark result indicates that its Single-Core Boost can go up to 5.2 GHz. Needless to mention, this is the fastest that an Intel CPU can go without resorting to extreme cooling methods.

Intel Flagship Core i9-11900K PassMark Benchmark Ranking:

The Intel Core i9-11900K results were submitted to PassMark more than a week ago. However, the CPU has just made its way to the ranking. It is important to note that the values presented by the software are based on a single benchmark.

The Intel Core i9-11900K is a flagship 8 Core and 16 Thread CPU with a single-core boost up to 5.2 GHz. The high single-core, single-thread boost is mainly due to the Thermal Velocity Boost technology which is exclusive to Intel’s 11th Gen Core i9 series. The processor is based on Cypress Cove core architecture. Intel assures the new Core Architecture will offer a major efficiency per clock improvement over Comet Lake-S and other Skylake derivatives.

[Image Credit: PassMark via VideoCardz]
Coming to the benchmark results, the 8C/16T Intel Core i9-11900K CPU scored 3,764 points in CPU Mark (single-thread performance). This is about 7 percent faster than Ryzen 7 5800X, which is based on the latest 7nm ZEN 3 Architecture. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X is the fastest Ryzen CPU in the ranking. Comparing with an Intel CPU, the Intel Core i9-11900K processor offers nearly 19 percent improvement in single-threaded performance over the previous generation Intel Core i9-10900K CPU. However, in comparison to Core i7-11700K, which is also an 8-core Rocket Lake-S SKU, but without Thermal Velocity Boost, the 11900K is only 6 percent faster.

[Image Credit: PassMark via VideoCardz]
As for the multi-threaded CPU performance, the 8C/16T Intel Core i9-11900K CPU scored 28082 points, which makes it 16.6 percent faster than Intel Core i9-10900K CPU. This is despite the Rocket Lake-S CPU offering fewer threads over its predecessor.

It is interesting to note that the 8C/16T Intel Core i9-11900K CPU loses its edge in the multi-threaded performance when compared to the ZEN 3-based AMD Ryzen series. For example, the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X scored 28703 points.

When will Intel launch the 11th Gen Core series?

Intel could announce its 11th Gen Core Rocket Lake-S CPUs in March. However, it is important to note that there could some delay between an official announcement and commercial availability. Moreover, it is not clear if Intel will tweak the pricing owing to the lower core count.

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The 8C/16T Intel Core i9-11900K CPU is special for a few odd reasons. It could be the last flagship for the LGA1200 socket. It will also be the last to support DDR4 RAM and PCIe Gen4 platform. The upcoming Alder Lake series will be slotted inside the new LGA 1700 socket. They will support the next-gen DDR5 and PCI Gen5 standards.

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