Specifications For 5th Gen Xeon ‘Emerald Rapids’ Leaked, DDR5-5600 Memory Support & Up To 64 Cores

We have not seen Intel’s Sapphire Rapids series and information has already surfaced regarding the next generation of Intel’s HEDT CPUs. 

Yuuki_ans has given us much more information in regards to the upcoming 5th Generation Xeon codenamed ‘Emerald Rapids‘. These CPUs will use the same Eagle Stream platform although with a few minute changes such as support for faster DDR5 memory.


Emerald Rapids

Intel’s Emerald Rapids CPUs will be based on the ‘Intel 7‘ process. Due to it being the 2nd iteration of the same node, expect faster performance and increased efficiency. This lineup will ship with a maximum 64 core count, which was 56-cores for Sapphire Rapids.  This is on-par with Milan in terms of core count, however, AMD’s Bergamo and Genoa will ofer 2x as many cores and will retail sometime in 2023.

Intel Emerald Rapids Specifications | yuuki_ans

Emerald Rapid powered by Raptor Cove will offer 5-10% IPC gains as compared to last-Gen. These CPUs will feature a TDP ranging from 125350W .

Faster Memory and PCIe Lanes

The 1DPC (1 DIMM Per Channel) transfer rate will see a bump from 4800MT/s (Sapphire Rapids) to 5600MT/s. If one opts for a 2DPC (2 DIMM Per Channel) configuration, expect transfer rates in the ballpark of around 4800MT/s

The ‘leaked’ specifications state that these CPUs will feature 80 PCIe Gen 5.0 lanes. The newer platform will support bifurcation of x16, x8, x4 and x2 (Gen4) along with Shared Virtual Memory and Scalable IO Virtualization

The UPI or Ultra Patch Interconnect is rated at 20GT/s which is a massive 25% increment over last-Gen’s 16GT/s

Release Date

While we do note have an exact release date, do not expect these CPUs before late 2023. Besides, by then we will be spoiled by AMD’s offerings so these CPUs may not take a lot of market share. Are you excited for Intel’s Emerald Rapids CPUs? Team blue considers them quite an improvement over last-Gen (which is yet to launch).

Emerald is executing beautifully, high confidence of where we see that coming out.



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