Intel DG1 GPU To Launch Soon Confirms A Rather Hilarious And Not-So-Cryptic Tweet From Chris Pirillo

Intel isn’t facing troubles with its foray into the Graphics Card and powerful consumer or prosumer GPU market, indicated a rather humorous and not-so-cryptic Tweet from Chris Pirillo who lists himself as the “Chief Community Advocate / Community Jedi” for Intel Corporation. The message Chris delivered through a song, strongly implies there are no issues with the Intel DG1 GPU. He even indicated that Intel should launch a commercially available Graphics Card packing the Intel DG1 GPU soon, presumably at the CES 2020.

Intel is very much on track with its long-rumored and eagerly anticipated DG1 GPU, indicated a Tweet from Chris. He clearly implied that Intel’s first entry or mid-level GPU is being developed at previously assumed pace, and should arrive on time. In other words, Chris strongly dismissed any and all negative rumors about the Intel DG1 GPU which repeatedly claimed the still-experimental product was running into issues and facing potential cancellation.

Intel DG1 GPU Not Getting Delayed Or Cancelled, And Graphic Cards With The GPU Should Arrive Soon:

There’s little doubt that the Intel DG1 GPU has been one of the most anxiously anticipated launches of recent times. The mere existence of a GPU potentially cements the Intel’s entry into the world of graphics. While the recently leaked Intel 7nm Xe GPU ‘Ponte Vecchio’ is in a completely different league, the DG1 GPU could easily ensure Intel turns the Desktop GPU market into a triopoly from the current duopoly ruled by AMD and NVIDIA. The Tweet that nearly confirms the existence, good health, and progress of Intel DG1 GPU is a Tweet from Chris Pirillo:

The transcription of the song is as follows:

GPU is a a-hummin
DG1’s still a-comin
The apps’ll all slay
my favorite way
Intel Graphics Odyssey

Needless to say, Pirillo’s short Christmas themed song clearly indicates the Intel DG1 GPU is under active development. The Tweet also decimates any rumors of the company having issues with DG1, and that the GPU will be coming along soon enough.

Intel DG1 GPU For Entry-Level Gamers?

Intel recently hired AMD’s silicon design lead, Masooma Bhaiwala, to head the company’s discrete GPU efforts. Combined with Bob Swan’s recent comments make it amply clear that Intel is fully committed to diversifying into the GPU segment. The as-yet-unannounced Intel DG1 GPU will likely be the first commercially available GPU that could be inserted into consumer-grade Graphics Cards.

Recent claims about the DG1 put the GPU in the power envelope of Tiger Lake +25 percent and with a TDP of only 25W. Needless to say, if accurate, these are quite impressive numbers, and not from sheer performance, but efficiency perspective. Based on the numbers and associated rumors, it is quite likely that Intel will price Graphics Cards with Intel DG1 GPU, very attractively. The prices could be attractive enough to allow Intel to break into the market.

Intel’s most likely go-to-market strategy with the DG1 GPU would be to offer Graphics Card to every entry-level gamer and snatch first-time buyers away from AMD. Additionally, it is quite unlikely that Intel would attempt to compete with NVIDIA in the premium or top-end Graphics Card market from the beginning.

Incidentally, Intel’s rumored strategy for selling the DG1 GPU-based Graphics Cards is in direct contrast to its CPU-selling strategy. However, the company has been facing increasingly tough competition from AMD, a company that used to trail Intel. Hence it is quite possible that Intel will play it safe and ensure high adoption rates before competing with the leaders of the GPU and Graphics Card segment.

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