Intel Core i9-11900, Core i7-11700K, Core i7-11700 Rocket Lake Desktop CPUs Leaked CPU-Z Screenshots Indicate Improved Performance

A new set of CPU-Z screenshots have emerged online. These belong to the 11th Generation Rocket Lake Desktop CPU family. The screenshots clearly belong to the Engineering Samples of Intel Core i9-11900, Core i7-11700K, Core i7-11700. However, they strongly indicate Intel has significantly improved the Base Clock and quite possibly, the Boost Clock Speeds.

Engineering Samples of Intel Core i9-11900, Core i7-11700K, Core i7-11700 Desktop CPUs Feature Improved Core Clocks:

It is interesting to note that all these CPUs belong to the 11th Generation Rocket Lake Desktop CPU family. Moreover, all these CPUs feature the same core configuration of 8 Cores, 16 Threads. Even the L3 Cache (16 MB), and L2 Cache (4 MB) are the same across them. The only difference between these CPUs is the Clock Speeds and TDP profiles.

Needless to mention, the Intel Core i9-11900K and the Intel Core i7-11700K will be the fastest unlocked CPUs in the 11th Generation family. They will have a Base TDP of 125W and a PL2 rating of 250W. The Intel Core i9-11900 and Intel Core i7-11700 are the non-K variants, and they will have a Base TDP of 65W and PL2 ratings of 225W.

Coming to the leaked CPU-Z screenshots, the Intel Core i9-11900 CPU Engineering Sample has the ‘QVYE’ codename and is a BETA ES chip. The CPU runs at a Base Clock of 1.80 GHz and a Boost Clock rated at 4.5 GHz (1-Core) and 4.0 GHz (all-core).

[Image Credit: WCCFTech]
The leaker claims that the Intel Core i9-11900 CPU will be fully compliant with PCIe Gen 4.0 interface and will also support memory overclocking and XMP support on B560 motherboards when the retail chips hit the market. Performance can be expected to be at par with the Intel Core i9-9900K and the Core i7-10700K.

[Image Credit: WCCFTech]
The Intel Core i7-11700K has the ‘QV1K’ codename. It features clock speeds of 3.40 GHz Base and 4.80 GHz (1-core) and 4.30 GHz (all-core) Boost. The leaker claims that there are samples that are running at up to 5.0 GHz Boost Clocks. Additionally, the chip features average power consumption of 160W in its stock configuration.

[Image Credit: WCCFTech]
Last, but certainly not least, is the Intel Core i7-11700 CPU Engineering Sample. It has an ES1 ‘QV1J’ codename. This chip comes with a 1.80 GHz Base Clock while boost clocks are reported at 4.4 GHz (1-core) and 3.8 GHz (all-core) Boost.

According to the leaker, the ES for this CPU is buggy and doesn’t yet support PCIe Gen 4.0. The memory is also locked to the default 2133 MHz speed. The performance, however, should be better primarily because of the new Cypress Cove architecture and their improved IPC over the aging Skylake design. The chip has an average power consumption of 120-130W.

Engineering Samples of Intel Core i9-11900K Desktop CPU Benchmark Leaks:

Apart from the CPU-Z Screenshots, even the alleged performance benchmarks of the Core i9-11900K (Qualification Sample) has leaked online. The chip was tested in various single-threaded benchmarks such as CPU-z, Cinebench R23, and Cinebench R20. Following are the results:

[Image Credit: WCCFTech]
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