Intel Core i9-10990XE A 22-Core Cascade Lake Processor That Will Compete Against the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Series?

A new and powerful 10th-Gen Intel Core i9 CPU was spotted online. The mystery Intel Core i9 Processor appears to pack 22 Cores, and hence, could compete against the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3000 Series. The 10th Gen Intel Core i9, labeled as 10990XE, is yet to be officially confirmed, let alone announced, but the alleged benchmarking results are truly top-end.

A new Intel Cascade Lake CPU surfaced online. The 10th Gen Intel Core i9 10990XE processor appears to pack four more cores compared to Intel’s top-end Cascade Lake-X offering. If the reports are accurate, this mystery Intel Core i9 CPU could compete with Intel’s Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series. However, CPU enthusiasts claim Intel is still falling way short of the blazing path that AMD has set.

Despite Packing 22 Cores And 44 Threads, The Intel Core i9-10990XE Still Falls Short Of AMD Ryzen Threadripper Series?

Images of a new and unreleased Intel Core i9 10990XE CPU allegedly with benchmarking apps results and even CPU-Z, appeared online on multiple platforms that traditionally keep track of processors. The images of the processor lend strong credence to the increasing number of talks about motherboard manufacturers discussing upcoming Intel 22-core processors at CES 2020.

The mystery Intel Core i9 10990XE CPU appears to be a 22-core processor and is part of the high-end Cascade Lake processor family. CPU enthusiasts will be quick to note that the unreleased Intel CPU merely packs four more cores than Intel’s top Cascade Lake-X offering. Higher core counts than the one being allegedly leaked are found only on Intel’s Xeon processors. The Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 CPU packs 48 Cores and 96 Threads.

Although a 22 Core Intel Core i9 CPU is certainly a powerful entrant in the top-end processor market, it may not be enough to decelerate AMD’s pace. Intel’s direct competitor in the desktop market already has the popular 32 Core as well as 64 Core Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, and they have already proven their might in many applications that can take advantage of several cores working simultaneously. Needless to add, AMD is manufacturing these powerful CPUs on much smaller die sizes.

Intel Core i9-10990XE Specifications And Features:

Although details are a little scare, there are allegedly Cinebench benchmarking results and CPU-Z Information Tab that claim to offer some in-depth information about Intel Core i9-10990XE. According to the CPU-Z image, the 10th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU will feature a CPU boost clock speed that can reach as high as 5 GHz. The image also indicates the CPU has a maximum power draw of 380W. Needless to mention, these specifications are well within the range of a high-end Intel processor that is meant for a top-end computer system.

Interestingly, a Cinebench score for the as-yet-unannounced Intel’s rumored 22-core processor has been released. However, experts are quick to point out that these benchmarking results could be artificial or fake. Still, the talk about a new Intel 22 Core CPU, heard from Motherboard Manufacturers at CES, does strongly indicate Intel is developing the Core i9-10990XE.

As it is based on the Cascade Lake Architecture, it means even the unreleased 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10990XE CPU is being manufactured on the aging 14nm fabrication process. This means the company is still attempting to push higher core counts, and not speed gains on individual cores.

Releasing a 22-core Cascade Lake processor in X299 will give existing X299 users a clear and desirable upgrade path. Moreover, Intel loyalists will have more reasons to consider Intel’s X299 platform over AMD’s TRX40 socket.

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